Bottomless Mimosa Glass Holds Eight Mimosas For The Ultimate Boozy Brunch

What's better than a mimosa? A bottomless one, of course.

The staple of brunches everywhere, you can now make your own bottomless mimosa from the comfort of your own home. Nothing will ever taste as good as it does when you're in your PJs.

Bottomless mimosas, but make them personal.

BigMouth Inc.

I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life. It holds a whopping eight servings in one glass, so you are guaranteed to have a good time at brunch with one of these bad boys.

It seriously pairs perfectly with brunch food.

BigMouth Inc.

You might buy it for someone as a gag gift, but trust and believe they will use it. It's made of real glass, and reviewers on Amazon say that it's really sturdy.

Bottoms up, y'all.

Seriously, reviewers love this product. They especially love that you only have to mix just one mimosa — no second and third trips to the kitchen required. That's just smart.

You can get yours on Amazon.

BigMouth Inc.

It's available there for $11.80. That's a steal of a deal for a glass that's going to change your life, tbh.

Cheers to that. Now, to use pulp or non-pulp orange juice...

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