Dumpster Fire Candles

A Dumpster Fire Candle Is The Perfect Accessory To Sum Up 2020

2020: It's a friggin' dumpster fire. By far one of the most garbage years on record, at least in my lifetime.

There are some bright spots in this dark time, though — people are getting super creative with their humor. And that, y'all, is how the Dumpster Fire Candle was born.

The Dumpster Fire Candle was invented in 2016.

Dumpster Fire Candles

Another challenging year, to say the least. It was created by Meredith Schmidt, who was amused at the idea of just lighting a dumpster on fire.

However, since that would be illegal, she decided to scale her idea down, instead.

It originally came in 5 scents.

Dumpster Fire Candles

The scents are:

Coffee and Cigarettes (orange, smells like coffee and smoke), Puff, Puff, Pass (dark green, smells like sandalwood and leather), Resting Beach Face (light green, smells like the ocean and orchids), You Ruined Christmas (red, smells like cypress and cedar), and the plain 'ol Table for One, which is odorless.

Their collection has grown since then.

Dumpster Fire Candles

They now also offer Namaste Home Tonight, which is purple and smells like Patchouli and amber.

Everything is sold out for now...

Dumpster Fire Candles

You know, because 2020.

However, they are now accepting Pre-Orders through May 2020 that will ship in June!

If you want to get in on the dumpster fire trend, hit up their website.