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You Can Buy Color-Changing Succulents That Turn Bright Pink When Exposed To Sunlight

Just when you thought you have collected all the houseplants in the world, there is bound to be some variety that you failed to look into. How could you, number one plant parent in the whole wide world, not know about these varieties?

If you haven't heard of the very cool color-changing Sedeveria pink ruby succulent before, then you came to the right place!

Succulents are already pretty magical plants on their own, but the color-changing Sedeveria 'pink ruby' variety is truly spellbinding.

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The succulent starts out green and transforms into a ruby pink color when exposed to sunlight.

How cool is that?

Sedeveria ‘pink ruby’ likes to grow in clusters, so as your succulent grows, you may notice this phenomenon.

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If you don't want your succulent to grow very big, just plant it in a smaller planter.

Like most succulents, planting it in porous soil and minimally watering it will ensure it lives its best life.

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Which, I personally seem to fail miserably at.


The 'pink ruby' succulent is actually quite rare, so it may not be available at most succulent retailers.


However, Etsy seller CHRISENJOYSPLANTING sells them online for only $6, and you can even find them on Amazon!

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