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Ariel Winter Cut The Tip Of Her Finger Off And Accidentally Threw It Away

Full disclosure: This story is really gross.

Remember that scene from Friends when Monica accidentally chops off a piece of Chandler's toe, and then accidentally brings a piece of carrot to the hospital instead of the missing chunk of the toe? This is kind of like that.

Ariel Winter recently revealed that she sliced off the tip of her finger and then accidentally threw it away.

*Modern Family* star, Ariel Winter, recently had a rather gruesome cooking accident, and honestly, it's horrifying.

There are obviously a million things that can go wrong in the kitchen. Most commonly, however, would be cuts and burns.

Ariel suffered the latter!

In a recent *quarantine-style* interview with *Access*, she explained just how it all went down.

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Tbh, I've never been more afraid to chop vegetables in my entire life.

Thank god for Uber Eats, amirite?

She explained that while slicing a tomato and chatting with her boyfriend, she got distracted and her finger paid the ultimate price.

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"My boyfriend and I were looking at my thumb as I sliced [it off]," she said.

"We were talking. And sliced right through," she added.

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She explained that she was so shaken from slicing the tip of her thumb off, that it was initially quite difficult to process the gravity of the situation.

"I was so shocked...hyperventilating. I was like, 'I should be crying, but I can't believe it. I can't believe It.'"

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To make matters worse, it wasn't just a simple cut. She had actually sliced through an artery, and so, the bleeding was far more dramatic.

Ariel's boyfriend quickly put the tip of her thumb in a plastic bag before rushing her to the emergency room.

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Ariel explained that he brought the missing piece of thumb with them to the hospital — as he should — and handed it to the nurse so that it could be reattached.

"He actually brought my tip of my finger to the hospital," she said. "He grabbed the tip of my thumb, went to the hospital, and he gave it to the nurse."

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First of all, kudos to Ariel's boyfriend for be able to pick up a piece of somebody's thumb.

I could never do that.

The story is about to get so much worse, if you can believe that.

The nurse (for some reason) gave the plastic bag that held her missing thumb fragment to Ariel. But Ariel didn't realize the piece of thumb was in the bag.

I guess she thought the nurse was simply giving her a piece of garbage? So, she threw it away.

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"She actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn't, like, tell me it was the tip of my thumb," Ariel said.

"So I accidentally threw it away," she added.

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"I mean, like, I didn't know the tip of my finger was in this little plastic bag, and uh, we threw it away in triage because I was bleeding on it."

"And then we had to go back and be like, '[The finger's] in that little plastic bag in the trash,'" she continued.

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Thankfully, Ariel is doing much better now.

"I'm fine. It's the top of my thumb. It definitely hurt, and wasn't fun, and was a good portion of [the finger]," she said.

Ariel's morale seems to very high for someone that just lost a piece of their body.

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"But at the same time, they took great care of me," she said. "Like, I sliced my thumb off, and it's sad — well, the top of my thumb".

"I will have just a mildly sad-looking thumb. So it'll be okay."

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In hindsight, even though it really hasn't been that long — I mean, she is literally still wearing bandages from it — she says she thinks it makes for a very funny story.

"It's funny now. It's definitely very funny now," she said.

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The wound is still fresh, and she finds the story funny. That's what I like to call being a good sport!

Good for her!

You can watch the full interview here:

Here's wishing Ariel Winter a very speedy recovery from her thumb injury!

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