Viral Dancing Pallbearers Deliver Message To People Breaking Quarantine

One of the internet's newest stars have recently used their immense viral platform to issue an important message to those who are not following the quarantine guidelines.

These dancing pallbearers have been all over the internet of late.

YouTube | Nerd Nes

One thing that you may not immediately think of when you think of a funeral procession is the potential for it to become a fun-filled meme.

However, when a video appeared online of Ghana's dancing pallbearers, the internet couldn't get enough of them.

They have become the veritable meme of quarantine.

Facebook | Nana Otafrija Pallbearing & Waiting Services

Ghana's dancing pallbearers are lead by Benajmin Aidoo, who is the CEO and founder of Nana Otafrija Pallbearing & Waiting Services. And, since the video went viral, it has been used in accompaniment with EDM hits, and spliced into every clip and image across the internet!

Now, however, they're using their platform for more serious efforts!

The pallbearers are now trying to encourage people to adopt social distancing.

Twitter | @nanaotafrija

The pallbearers have even adopted their own hashtag, #StayatHomeorDanceWithUs in order to try and spread the important message of adopting appropriate social distancing.

In addition to this, the pallbearers also released a video in which they reiterated their message.

The video was captioned with the phrase, "Thanks to all the doctors in the world".

Twitter | @nanaotafrija

In the sort video, Aidoo thanks all of the healthcare workers across the world and gives them a round of applause. He then ends the video by saying, "And remember, stay at home, or dance with us!"

The video was uploaded to Aidoo's Twitter page and has since been watched over 1.6 million times!

Aidoo has apparently been amazed by his company's new found fame.

Twitter | @nanaotafrija

"People keep calling me to tell me that 'Hey, your video is being used on the internet, social media, everywhere, it's going viral,' I was very grateful," Aidoo told the BBC in an interview.

Aidoo also hopes to travel the world once the pandemic ends in order to teach people their ways of respecting the dead.

So, listen up, and do as the viral dancing pallbearers say!

That is a sentence I never thought I would write! However, it is good that they are using their platform to try and promote a message of safety at this time. Hopefully, this will help remind people of the importance of maintaining appropriate social distancing!