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Betty White Will Star In Upcoming Lifetime Christmas Movie

Betty White is a national treasure, wait no, Betty White is an international treasure.

Who doesn't love Betty White?! Actually, don't even bother answering, as we all know that's a rhetorical question!

So when the news broke that everyone's fav actress would be starring in an upcoming Lifetime Christmas movie, we all died briefly of happiness.

Is there anything Betty White *can't* do?! Our girl is (I hate to say it) swagalicious!

The 98-year-old acting legend has worked with the best of the best, but has never done anything quite like her upcoming role.

Any Lifetime fan will tell you that a network movie is its own kind of magic. It's own kind of predictable delight!

And now, Betty is joining the ranks of celebs who have starred in one of these iconic films!

Lifetime Network made the announcement Thursday that Betty will be starring in an upcoming Christmas movie!

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Of course, all of the network's TV shows and movies are waiting to resume filming after the pandemic shutdown, and Lifetime is describing its lineup of holiday movies as being in "various stages of production."


In the still untitled film, Betty's character helps prepare would-be Santas for the holidays. But, a BIG mystery looms: Is she actually Mrs. Claus?

Dun dun duuuuun!

I mean, if anyone was born to play the role of an adorable, kind, and tbh BADDIE Mrs. Claus, it'd be Betty!

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