Turn Breakfast Into A Hot Wheels Race Track With 3-D Car And Truck Waffles

Ever been told to "stop playing with your food" by a horrified parent? I mean, what's so bad about "playing" with food anyways? If you force me to stay at the table when I'm all finished, I will jab and twirl and dump table salt all over my leftover peas, okay? Besides, food is supposed to be fun!

This waffle maker that makes fluffy cars and trucks has the right idea!

Looking to entertain or BE entertained by your breakfast? Look no further than this waffle maker.


It's makes playing with your food a real acceptable thing to do.

No one can nag you about playing with your food any longer!

The waffle maker is fitted with seven different cars and trucks of various sizes and shapes.


No, they may not be a classic waffle shape, but they make breakfast super fun and tasty.

This is one way to get anyone to eat the most important meal of the day!


You can find the waffle maker for $42.95 on Amazon, although it won't be back in stock until September 25.

Who knows, though—maybe they'll speed things up!

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