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Quotes For People Who Are Ageing Like A Fine Wine

Getting older, for many, is a blessing in disguise. Sure, we don't love the fact that our hair is getting gray and our skin is getting winkled — but, with years on our belt comes some wisdom in our minds. The older we are, the more we know.

Interior decorating is a life skill.

It's less reality TV about relationships and more reality TV about designing our dream home.

Pro-tip: They never expire!

That's right, only real G's know that Bed Bath & Beyond always takes your old coupons.

Our bodies ain't what they used to be.

I got off the couch too fast yesterday and pretty much called it a day from there.

It used to be on the wall, Sarah, don't you know?!?

I guess it does make us all feel pretty old that we just place our phones in our pockets when we are done talking now. Hanging up the phone is a thing of the past.

Safety first!

Nothing like sun poisoning to make you feel a whole lot less sexy.

Too close to 30, TOO CLOSE.

The older you get, the more birthdays become a chore. Funny how this always tends to happen as you approach 30. Just stay 28 forever.

The more expensive the cheese, the older you probably are.

Don't blame me that I want brie over Cheese-Wiz. Becoming a fancy cheese person is a benefit of getting older.

I mean... he ain't wrong.

Let me see my bones! They are the ultimate accessory for anyone wanting to channel a goth aesthetic.

I mean, honestly though.

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Less about the dances and more about redesigning my entire house, please.