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Mark Consuelos Admits He Once Took A Plane To Try And Catch Kelly Ripa Cheating

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for 24 years, which, as we all know, is basically 100 years in Hollywood!They're truly one of my fav celeb couples, I just wanna put them in my pocket!

But don't let their seemingly perfect, adorable and goals A.F. relationship fool you— things weren't always this easy breezy for the pair!

Trust is one of the most important building blocks of any longterm relationship, but as the saying goes, trust should be earned— not given!

And yes, I will be hosting dating seminars because I clearly know soooo much about relationships, lols.

Mark shared an embarassing story about his relationship with Kelly in *What Makes a Marriage Last*, a book co-authored by Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue, who have been married for 40 years.

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The following excerpt was published by People.

"After we were married, I was doing a show in Boston, and I couldn’t get a hold of her all day,” Mark recalled.

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"We didn’t have cell phones then. I got a really bad feeling. So I got on a flight to New York and called her from the plane and asked her what she was doing that night."

Kelly then stepped in to share her side of the story: "Apparently he thought that sounded very fishy. He wanted to catch me. So he gets home and tells the doorman to call up to the apartment and tell me there’s a flower delivery. I’m excited because I’m thinking, 'Oh my gosh, he’s sending me flowers!'”

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"Meanwhile, I have a johnny mop in one hand, and I’m wearing a bathrobe,” she continued.

"So I open the door, and it’s him. He comes in — he doesn’t even say hello. He’s looking for something. I’m still looking for the flower guy! And he’s sweeping the scene!"

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Mark explained he learned an important lesson about jealousy that day: "[It] feels horrible and you know you’re wrong… I’m less jealous these days."

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