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Dutch Restaurant Introduces Glass Booths So Diners Can Eat While Social Distancing

A Dutch restaurant is testing a brand new dining experience involving private glass cabins that will allow customers to enjoy their meals while still maintaining a safe social distance from others, CNN reported.

Mediamatic ETEN, a restaurant in Amsterdam, has introduced the so-called "quarantine greenhouses" on a trial basis. But if they prove successful, these private pods could become a safe way for other eateries around the world to slowly open their doors to customers again.

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Ever since the coronavirus outbreak began, restaurants have had to resort to takeout and delivery options in order to feed their hungry customers.

As reported cases and deaths began to sky rocket, dining areas and patios were closed off in an effort to limit the spread of the deadly disease.

Lately, many countries have begun to loosen their social distancing restrictions. But, as exciting as this prospect of normalcy is, we must realize that things won't just simply go back to the way they once were in a pre-coronavirus world.

China, once considered the epicenter of the virus, has been easing its lockdown restrictions over the last few months.

With restaurants gradually opening up eat-in options, some Twitter users have been sharing the ways in which these locations have been allowing customers inside while still maintaining safety protocols.

One Shanghai restaurant, as seen in the clip above, has set up a full body disinfectant spray machine for diners to use upon entry.

Other restaurants have seen success by installing safety dividers at tables.

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The Twitter user who shared these photos later added an update explaining that these glass and cardboard dividers were only in place for about six weeks before they were removed completely.

Mediamatic ETEN in Amsterdam wants to give its customers some semblance of normalcy while still making sure they're as safe and as comfortable as possible.

That's why the vegan restaurant has built these unique mini greenhouses, as well as introducing several other measures, in an effort to maintain social distancing rules and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The glass boxes offer diners a stunning view of the water and are designed to comfortably fit two people — ideally, two people who already live together.

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"It's super-cosy, it's really cosy, it's nice and the food is delicious," diner Janita Vermeulen told Reuters.

In addition to the five new private cabins, restaurant staff will wear face shields and serve guests food on a wooden platter to limit contact.

Mediamatic ETEN plans on reopening on May 21, and they're currently waiting for the green light from local and national authorities to use their greenhouses.

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Until then, they will continue to test these adorable little quarantine cabins with friends and family of staff members.

Although the private boxes will certainly offer guests much-needed protection, the restaurant understands not everyone will want to eat while encased in glass.

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In a recent Facebook post, the restaurant revealed it also plans on opening up its dining area to customers who will be encouraged to maintain a safe distance from each other.

Reservations were recently opened online and have already been filled right through to June. It's safe to say people are very excited to not only try out the unique greenhouses, but also simply get back to the kind of restaurants and social outings they've sorely been missing.

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