Hershey's Is Selling A S'mores Grilling Basket So You Can Make S'mores Any Time

There's nothing like a homemade s'mores sandwich on a perfect summer evening. However, we don't all have the luxury of cooking up a roasty toasty marshmallow over an open fire pit. And if you've ever tried to make a s'mores in your microwave, you know it just hits different.

Hershey's wants everyone to be able to enjoy the wondrous summer staple that is s'mores, so they made a clever grilling basket that can be used to make s'mores in a barbecue.



The grilling basket can actually make four s'mores sandwiches at once, which is actually a major plus over the traditional campfire method.

Instagram | @tamisclock

While this is great for satisfying random s'mores cravings throughout the year, you can also bring this on your camping trips as a backup when you can't find any sticks.

The other great thing about the grilling basket is that you don't have to sacrifice your eyes as the smoke from the fire barrels right into your face.

You can just leave it to its own devices for a couple minutes and let it to its thang while you sit back and relax.

This grilling basket is definitely a life-saver for those of us who thought we'd have to neglect the summer treat forever.


Find it at Walmart for $35 or Target for $10.