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Kristen Bell Is Here To Teach Moms How To Talk To Their Children About Sex

Moms, listen up.

Kristen Bell is here to help you give the Sex Talk without any awkward giggling and shifty eyes.

It might be awkward no matter what you do, but it's important to have these kinds of talks with your kids.

The topic of the birds and the bees has never been off-limits in Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's household.

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In 2019, the parents revealed how they had "The Talk" with their kids, Delta, 5, and Lincoln, 7.

“At five years old our daughter came in and said, ‘How are babies made?’” Bell recalled.

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“Dax sat down and said, ‘Well, there’s a sperm and an ovum,’ and she said, ‘All right, I’m going to go back outside.”

Bell then explained that it was Dax's use of clinical words that got their daughter immediately disinterested.

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“My mom was unbelievably unfiltered with us,” Shepard told PureWow.

“And I just always appreciated that as a kid and I respected that. I could tell when adults were fibbing to me and I had friends who had parents who didn’t tell them how babies were made, and they believed in the stork."

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He continued:

"I felt grateful that I was being told the truth…We have a pretty hardcore policy of ‘We’ll just tell you how it is.’”

Now, if parents are struggling to have the sex talk with their kids, Kristen is there for you.

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For this, she enlisted the help of Ellen producer Andy Lassner and sex therapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue.

This all took place during a new episode of her *Ellen DeGeneres Show* web series, *Momsplaining*.

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Kristen helped teach moms what to do by asking the sex therapist a handful of questions.

The first question she asked was whether the way you're told about sex can impact your whole life.

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"The way we talk about sex with our kids can give them confidence or anxiety," said Dr. Chris.

"My husband is very sex positive," Kristen revealed.

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When Andy asked what that means, she poked fun at how uncomfortable Andy looked in the conversation.

As for the right age to have The Talk, it's sooner than you'd think.

According to Chris, you should be talking to them about the birds and the bees as soon as your kids are able to talk.

When it comes to talking about sex, parents are encouraged to use the anatomical correct words.

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"No wee-wee or ding dong or trouser trout or twig and berries," Bell said with a straight face.

She even hilariously revealed that she used to call hers "Little Orphan Annie."

"My nickname is Annie and I love musicals," she said.

To practice what they learned, Kristen asked Andy if he would be willing to give her the sex talk.

He even got to use props!

"Daddy, what's sex?" Kristen asked in her best little girl voice.

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Andy stammered his way through a demonstration using Barbie dolls. He was no match for Kristen who kept throwing out curveball questions.

"What's a wobbly H?" she asked. "What does Girth mean?"

To get an even better grasp at the subject, Kristen and Andy even sat down with a group of kids and practiced discussing it with them.

"Will you say with me: penis and vagina?" Kristen asked, causing the kids to repeat after her.

Annnd we're just going to leave it there because this is clearly something that you need to watch for yourself!