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Chrissy Teigen Gets Backlash Over Comment She Left On Adele's Birthday Picture

Over the last year, Adele has undergone a major weight loss transformation. While she has obviously always been beautiful, people are genuinely shocked — in a good way — by her brand new look.

After posting a photo in a black mini dress on Instagram for her birthday earlier this week, stunning fans and fellow celebs, Chrissy Teigen left a comment that, out of context, isn't sitting well with everybody.

Adele is one of the most magnificent musicians that we have ever had the blessing to listen to.

That may seem like a super overdramatic thing to say, but it's true.

Her voice is definitely one of a kind, no matter if you listen to her music or not. She's just that good.

Lately, Adele's incredible weight loss transformation has been a very popular topic of discussion.

However, she has been successfully dealing with body-shamers for her entire career.

She has seemingly always had an unbothered, cool exterior whenever she was asked by interviewers about the ongoing criticism over her body image.

Like the time she wore this green dress at the 59th Grammy awards and was later compared to Fiona from *Shrek*.

“I don’t [expletive] care,” she told her audience during her Perth show.

“It was Givenchy Couture. They can say what they want.”

"Before the Grammys I had this dress right, I wore this green dress, everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek. They did," she went on.

Which, as you can imagine, is truly just a terrible thing to do.

This is why so many people leave social media (and the internet in general). Take care of that mental health!

She continued by saying:

“I worked out. Obviously I’m a large lady and I like eating food very much, but I was working out twice a day to fit into that Givenchy dress because it was quite tight," she added.

And after that, we didn't see much of Adele for an entire year. In her defense, she was going through a divorce at the time.

So, fans patiently stood by, waiting for an epic post-divorce album.

But instead, she gave fans a shocking post-divorce body.

Initially, she was quite modest about it.

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She posted this photo from Drake's birthday party, and although it doesn't put her body on display, her face definitely looked slimmer than usual.

Stunning, regardless, as she always was.

Fans seemed proud of her hard work and applauded her transformation — leaving supportive comments on Instagram and Twitter.

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Then, in late December, she shared another two photos on social media, this time showing off more of her figure, shocking fans even more.

Everyone seemed so fixated on Adele's weight loss, even though she was only giving fans sporadic, subtle sneak-peeks.

Paparazzi caught a few photos of her at the beach with James Corden in January, at which point, fans actually began to voice some concerns over her rapid weight loss.

Which, although we can totally understand why they would be worried, at the end of the day, what ANYONE chooses to do with their body is really none of our business.

No matter how much we like to pretend that it is.

People, especially adults, can make their own decisions.

Since then, we hadn't heard a peep out of Adele on social media. She has been laying low and minding her business.

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Only to drop this major bombshell on us!

She shared this photo of herself earlier this week, celebrating her birthday. Needless to say, the internet had a meltdown over it.

However, despite the overwhelming support Adele is receiving over her new body, there are an equal amount of people who find it offensive.

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There is a theme that has been circulating around Adele's weight loss that suggests everyone who is applauding it is inadvertently fat-shaming her for the way she used to look.

I'm sure that Adele is loving all of the compliments and praise for her new figure. But some fans have pointed out that it may be hurtful at the same time.

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By saying how great she looks now, it might be implied that she didn't look great before, which simply isn't true.

One comment in particular made by Chrissy Teigen has been getting a lot of hate. She commented on Adele's post saying: "I mean are you kidding me".

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I think it's clear that Chrissy's comment was by no means meant to sound mean-spirited or "fatphobic."

She was simply paying Adele a compliment on how stunning she looks.

Unfortunately, her comment was met with ones like this:

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Some people seem to think that Chrissy was subtly fat-shaming the way Adele used to look, and reinforcing the idea that people need to be thin to be gawked at.

This fan chimed in, explaining the underlying negativity behind what was supposed to be a supportive comment.

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They explained that it would have been more appropriate for Chrissy to also mention that while Adele looks great now, she looked great before her dramatic weight loss as well.

Chrissy eventually fired back at all the criticism, explaining that she was simply trying to compliment her friend.

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Which is fairly understandable.

After all, it's clear that Adele has put in a lot of hard work to make her body look this way, and while it doesn't mean she wasn't beautiful before, I'm sure she still appreciates the compliments.

In general though, while fans seem to be super happy for Adele, who looks happy herself, people are upset with the hate people get when they are overweight.

Which seems to have left fans wondering whether she felt forced to lose the weight.

Society can really hurt our mental state at times.

And, more importantly, people are standing behind her no matter what choices she makes.

As long as Adele is happy, WE are happy.

We seriously hope that she's living her best life, because, at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.

Do you think that all of the people who are praising Adele's new figure are inadvertently fat-shaming her pre-weight loss transformation body?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!