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Two Very Good Dogs Are Helping To Deliver Beer And Smiles During Quarantine

I know that using alcohol as a crutch during these hard times can lead to future heartache, but I have to say that a single beer or glass of wine in the evening has really been taking the edge off my general COVID-19 anxiety.

Of course, if you are struggling during this crisis, please drink responsibly and seek out the help you need to maintain your mental health.

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Even if you aren't drinking though, having a pair of beautiful golden retrievers deliver something to your home definitely brings a smile.

Instagram | @six_harbors_brewing_company

Very good dogs Buddy and Barley are the official "brew dogs" for the Six Harbors Brewing Company in Long Island. The brewery is owned by their humans, Karen and Mark Heuwetter.

The dogs are popular with visitors to the microbrewery and its tasting room, but since lockdown measures started, they have a new role.

Instagram | @six_harbors_brewing_company

Instead of greeting visitors, Buddy and Barley help their humans deliver beer and smiles to their customers' homes.

Each dog has a special collar that holds four empty beer cans.

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While it would be fun if they actually delivered the beer that way, the full cans would be very heavy, and very shaken up in the excited run from the car to the door.

Instead, Buddy and Barley's job is to alert the customers to their delivery's arrival.

The delivery itself is handled by humans in gloves and masks.

The service has brought a ton of laughter to them and their customers, and allows the dogs to get some of the socializing they are missing while the brewery is closed to visitors.

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