TikTok Moms Are Showing Their Boobs To Their Breastfed Babies In Hilarious Videos

The latest trend to sweep social media platform TikTok is the trend of mothers showing their boobs to their breastfed babies, and people across the internet have been losing it at the reactions they get.

TikTok is not just for teenagers any more.

Unsplash | Kon Karampelas

Yes, the social media platform TikTok is no longer just for vacuous, talentless, lip-syncing egotistical teenagers with middle-parts in their hair, as moms are also taking to the platform.

And the most recent trend from TikTok's mothers has gotten a lot of attention.

Yes, the newest social media trend started by TikTok moms whereby they show their breasts to their breastfed babies, has had people across the internet howling with laughter.

The trend has even been named the "Drop 'Em Out" challenge.

TikTok | @oheytee

The reason why the challenge has been given this name is because the footage of the babies reacting to their mother's breasts is shown over Wheeler Walker Jr.'s breast-orientated tune, 'Drop 'Em Out'.

The results of the challenge have been incredibly wholesome.

TikTok | @nataliejpmitchell

Most of the babies who have been videoed stare at their mother's breasts with a look similar to a drunk adult staring at literally any meal from a late-night takeaway. It is clear that these babies see breasts as their next meal.

Some of the babies also find the whole experience generally hilarious!

TikTok | @mommyjax

While some babies are shocked into an expression akin to someone being given a voucher for a free meal at an upscale restaurant, other babies find the experience to be unbelievably funny and cackle away with the most infectious laugh you will hear today!

There are even some babies that drop the food they're currently munching on.

TikTok | @taylorgiavasis

One video that was uploaded to the social media site by Instagram star Taylor Giavasis, showed her baby boy throwing his apple aside before charging towards his mother.

As more and more influencers have been joining in on the trend, the videos have been spreading like wildfire across the platform.

And, in fairness, how could they not?

TikTok | @calistaatkins

The wholesome and hilarious videos have since garnered millions of views across the internet, with people reacting by writing the likes of:

"Too cute those smiles! The mom and that baby smile had me dyin."

"He's a literal sucker for them tiddies."

"Baby is maxed out on happiness".

Some of the babies can't crawl fast enough towards their mothers.

TikTok | @mamagulley

There are some babies in the various videos who seem close to breaking the sound barrier when they begin rapidly crawling towards their mother's breasts.

This trend is certainly more wholesome than previous trends.

TikTok | @goolyjuliee

Watching these videos makes you glad that this is the most recent trend to sweep the social media platform. Quite frankly, it was just nice not to see desperate teens lip-syncing in their bedrooms while trying any facial expression that might slightly accentuate their cheekbones.

But, what do you make of this trend?

Is this a social media trend that you can get on board with, or did this wholesome as hell content not quite win the internet for you today? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

h/t: Buzzfeed