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10+ Movie Sidekicks Who Were Better Than The Main Character

The term 'sidekick' is filled with negative connotations. It conjures images of weak, bumbling hangers-on, with nothing to offer except comic relief.

In reality, many sidekicks behave and act quite the opposite.

Not only are they capable, but a number of them are even better than the main characters to which they support.

McLovin' in *Superbad*.

Nothing against Michael Cera or Jonah Hill, but everybody knows that it's 'McLovin' that steals the show in Superbad.

This high school classic would be nothing without the hilarious antics of its most important character.

Donkey in *Shrek*.


The character of Shrek is a mean old ogre whose only purpose in life is to sit and stew in his own self-loathing.

Donkey is the fast-talking, wise-cracking Ass that spurs the story into action! Plus, he's voiced by Eddie Murphy.

The Genie in *Aladdin*.

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Do I really even need to explain myself on this one? It's Will Smith as The Genie; what could possibly be better than that?

This also applies to the animated feature film as well.

Samwise Gamgee in *The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy*.

Everybody who's ever read the books or watched the films knows that the true savior of Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings trilogy isn't Frodo Baggins.

It's Samwise Gamgee.

Steve Stifler in *American Pie 2*.

Universal Pictures

American Pie 2 was the Stifmeister's time to shine.

None of the other cast members even came close to being able to carry the film in the way that Sean William Scott was able to do.

Harley Quinn in *Suicide Squad*.

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Margot Robbie as the Fantabulous Harley Quinn is a spectacle to behold.

She stole the show so much in Suicide Squad that she was given her own Birds of Prey spinoff film.

Hit-Girl in *Kick-Ass*.

Chloe Grace Moretz absolutely shines as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass. It's an absolute shame that she never received her own spin-off film.

Hit-Girl is constantly the one pushing the pace. Without her, there is no film.

Baby Groot in *Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Who would have guessed that a baby talking tree would one day go on to melt the hearts of millions around the world?

If I had to sum of Guardians of the Galaxy in 3 words it would be: I Am Groot.

Spock in *Star Trek*.


Chris Pine/Captain Kirk might get the glory but true Trekkies know that Spock is what makes the film happen.

Without his strong Vulcan mind, Starfleet and the USS Enterprise would cease to exist.

Mercutio *Romeo & Juliet*.

"Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. A plague on both your houses!"

Mercutio is the original sidekick who's more beloved than the main character and has been for centuries.

Doc Brown in *Back To The Future*.

Universal Pictures

Marty is the accidental hero of Robert Zemecki's Back to the Future.

Without Doc, there is no time machine. Hence, there would be no movie without him. Case closed.

Chris O'Donnell in *Batman Forever*.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman Forever will not be remembered as the greatest Batman movie of all time.

However, Chris O'Donnell can at least take some closure from knowing that his Robin was infinitely cooler than Val Kilmer's Batman.

Han Solo in *Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope*.

Thinking of Han Solo as a sidekick is a bit demeaning. But that's exactly what he was in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

The coolest, most hardened, scoundrel of a sidekick this side of the galaxy.

Hermione Granger in *Harry Potter*.

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Harry Potter is perhaps the luckiest protagonist in the history of film or literature.

Were it not for the actions of those around him, specifically Hermione Granger, he'd have been snuffed out ages ago.

Timon & Pumbaa in *The Lion King*.


Come on! Do you even have to ask?

Timon and Pumbaa co-wrote 'Hakuna Matata', arguably the greatest Disney song of all time. Without any question at all, they were infinitely superior to Simba.