Quotes That Help Us Through The Hard Times

Everyone's story about the hand they were dealt in 2020 will be different.

Some people lost their jobs, stuck sitting at home alone with nothing to distract them from the anxiety and fear of the crisis. Others are essential healthcare workers with three kids, trying to homeschool them while fighting long hours against a disease they barely understand.

Just because someone's situation may look "harder" doesn't mean everyone isn't struggling.

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By the time we come out of this crisis, we will have all been changed by it.

We'll have learned our personal limits and our individual strengths.

We will have created new routines and new coping strategies for when things get tough.


When the time comes to move beyond this crisis, we'll be faced with a very different world than the one we left behind.

Things can't ever go back to "normal", because we have all been changed by this experience in different ways.

Our new selves will need to adjust again to suit the new normal.

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Those careful quarantine routines will need to change, but the lessons you learned about yourself and your inner strength will always be there.

And inevitably, when the next crisis occurs, your strength and experience can help the next generation.

The next crisis may be totally different, but resilience and the ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you are universal lessons.

You've got this. We've got this. And we've got the next one too.

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