8+ Things Movies And TV Get Wrong About Parenting

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: parenting is not easy.

Sure, there are sweet moments (often when the kids are sleeping), but for the most part, it takes a lot of sweat, tears, and money.

But does Hollywood accurately portray this? Nope.

Exhibit A: These 10+ things movies and TV get wrong on the subject.

1. That parents can go anywhere without their kids being around:


It's been decades since Friends ended and we still don't know where Ross's son Ben disappeared to??

He was around for a few episodes, but as soon as Rachel and Ross had Emma, it was bye-bye Ben.

For most parents, their kids are stuck like glue!

2. That forgetful parents are funny:

If a parent forgot about their child as much as Kevin's mother did in Home Alone, Child Protection Services would certainly be called.

3. That mothers and daughters always fight:


Sure, Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls had a freakishly close relationship, but when it came to Lorelai and her mother? Forget about it.

Those two were constantly fighting, yet Lorelai could usually get along with her father, Richard.

4. That parents can have a normal social life:

When Miranda on Sex and the City had her son, things were different for about, oh, one episode.

She was still going out with the girls countless times per week and even going on trips.

In reality, though, your social life is overtaken with playdates and catching up on sleep.

5. That it's perfectly normal to split twins up:


We guess the parents in The Parent Trap never heard of shared custody??

Not only did they deprive themselves of one of their kids, but they did a horrible thing by splitting up their twins!

6. That mornings are always peaceful:


We don't know what kind of la-la land most movies and TV shows are living in, but mornings are usually crazy for parents.

The only movie that made this look relatable was *Cheaper By the Dozen*.

That's because they had food and OJ flying everywhere.

7. That single mothers are selfish:


Being a single mother is no joke. They have to work two times harder to take care of their kids and make ends meet.

Yet, in Shameless, the mother Monica is seen as selfish and often disappears.

8. That PTA moms are practically the Stepford wives:

In Bad Moms, Christina Applegate's character Gwendolyn goes crazy trying to ban little things like eggs and sugar in bake sale items.

Yet, in real life, PTA parents do good for schools by volunteering their time and money.


Take that, stereotypes!

9. That you can constantly let your kid run off in dangerous situations:

Those "Carl" memes from The Walking Dead were made for a reason.

There was a zombie Apocolypse going on, but did his parents ever know where he was??? Nope.

10. That stepmothers are really wicked:


Blame Disney and Step Moms for this one.

It's not always difficult for stepparents to be accepted by their stepchildren.

11. That dads are useless:


Most TV dads are portrayed as the "fun" dad. But in the real world of parenting, "fun" doesn't always fly.

This is why Phil was always getting in trouble with his wife on Modern Family.

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