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An Artist Reimagined Fictional Characters In Their Real-World Settings

If you've ever wanted to see Mickey Mouse without his ears or Chewbacca attempt to take a shower, then look no further than Ed Harrington's Instagram.

The illustrator, under the username @NothingHappenedToday, reimagines fictional characters in real-world settings.

Peep the gallery below to see your favorite fictional characters like you've never seen them before!


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Battle Cat is a fitting name for this big kitty since he clearly puts up a battle every night to have a monopoly of the bed.

Pet owners, you know the struggle.

Stormtrooper surf

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Is anyone else jealous of this trooper that is seriously living their best life out on the open sea?

I know I am.

Mickey Mouse

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Yep, we're definitely traumatized forever.

You can't unsee this. So when you have nightmares, you have us to thank.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Look at his face. This is a man who has been unable to brush his teeth for years and years.

It's a good thing he's got a wife, 'cause we don't see him catching any new ladies with that breath.

He-Man and Skeletor: Dudes being dudes

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Honestly, we love to see a budding friendship between two former rivals.

Forgiveness people. It's good for you.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

You may see Skeletor relaxing, but this is basically every introvert ever after we're forced to socialize.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Ugh, the struggle!

Although, rocking a pink stormtrooper outfit doesn't even sound that bad.

Chewbacca, again

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

We can hear this drawing just by looking at it:


I hope he's as clean as he looks.

Dwight Schrute

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Not exactly relatable, but definitely a Schrute moment.

He's probably lifting so he could be more powerful than Jim.

Darth Vader

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

What diet?? When it comes to donuts, none of us can be held responsible for our actions.

We'd do the same if we had a lightsaber, tbh.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Be sure to catch her good angle.

You know, the one where her hair slightly parts to show her insanely creepy white face.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

This one's pretty dark.

Let's take care of our oceans, people! Do it for the fishes, the turtles, and the mermaids.


Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

If this were Baby Yoda, he'd need more than R2-D2 to lift him up.

But couldn't adult Yoda just use the force to get him a nice, popsicle treat?

Hank Hill

Instagram | @nothinghappenedtoday

Fictional characters have hobbies, too!

If Hank's not drinking beer or thinking about propane, he's busy cross-stitching.

Ron Swanson

This is the man amongst lesser men. The one human that stands above us all. Ron Swanson.

He can lift anything.

Check out the illustrator, under the username @NothingHappenedToday on Instagram!