Workers Discover Gorgeous, 100-Year-Old Floor During City Hall Renovations In Jersey City

We've gotten used to hearing a lot of bad stories during this strange time we find ourselves living in now. But, there are also good stories that are worth sharing.

Take, for example, this story of the city hall renovations in Jersey City that uncovered something truly spectacular underneath the old and ugly vinyl flooring. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you see what they found. Check it out.

Jersey City used the COVID-19 shutdown to do some of the projects that otherwise would’ve been an inconvenience for residents.

They used the lockdown as an opportunity to do some street paving, park and building renovations, and other projects.

One of those projects involved ripping up the 1960s vinyl floor at city hall.

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What they didn't expect was what they found underneath that old floor.

They were fully expecting to find, well, garbage among the dirt.

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Instead, they uncovered the original flooring from 100 years ago. And, they set out to restore it.

After all the clean up was done this is what the flooring looks like now.

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I can't believe somebody thought it was a good idea to cover it up.

After the mayor posted the images on Twitter, the response from the public started to pour in.

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Most people were shocked that this gorgeous floor was hidden underneath the vinyl.

People started praising the crew for discovering such a hidden gem and doing a great job restoring it to its original beautiful form.

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And, I have to agree with them.

Judging by this story, you never know what special surprise could be hidden in an old dwelling or a house.

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This person found another story just like it.

This person is even suggesting that we bring art deco back.

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If you're a huge fan of that era I bet you'll agree with them on that.

I think this is the exact kind of story we need to hear more right now.

I'm fed up with all the doom and gloom. Gimme a feel-good story now and then.