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29 Haircuts To Give You That Final Push To Chop Off Your Own Locks

Our hair is something that has a lot of control over our lives. A good hair day equals a good day, and a bad hair day often equals a bad day. So, for some people, a refreshing hair cut is a great confidence booster. These 20 people got some extreme haircuts and we love them all!

1. Bob to pixie!

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Her smile looks so timid in the before picture, and afterwards she looks thrilled! Getting your hair cut is scary at first, but you're sure to fall in love with it.

2. So bold!

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To go from such long locks to nothing must have be so scary, but it's so brave! Even though this look is hard to pull off, she's totally rocking it.

3. So cute!

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I seriously love this transformation. She looks like such a stunner now, and you can just tell she's bursting with a newfound confidence. Love love love this look!

4. Her hair has so much life now!

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Hair gets tired and dull looking, but with a good ol' trim or by chopping off a few inches, you can give your locks back some life.

5. Men can go through hair transformations, too!

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Although I think he looks great before and after, I think it all comes down to the smolder. What's your favorite look on him?

6. Oh, hey it's me!

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About three years ago, I decided I was tired of long hair. I've had various short cuts since then, but I don't ever see myself growing it out again.

7. Sometimes there's no turning back.

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Bleaching and dyeing hair can be dangerous business, and after a while it starts to take its toll on you. Good thing there's always one last option!

8. She donated her hair!

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A great reason to cut your hair is to donate it for wigs. You get a brand new look and get to do something good for others.

9. Long hair gets sooo boring.

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Spruce up your style by cutting off a few inches and throwing some waves or layers into the mix. You can get creative with your hair!

10. Curly or wavy pixie cuts are my fav.

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Seriously, is anything more adorable than this look? It gives it the perfect amount of volume, and there are so many ways to style it!

11. Even short hair can go through more transformation.

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My favorite part about short hair is being able to dye it so easily. You can go through so many colors, and you don't have to wait as long for it to grow out!

13. Pixie cuts suit anyone!

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Finding a hair style that fits with your look can be pretty difficult sometimes, but pixie cuts seem to be a universal hairdo that will make you look good no matter what.

14. Class it up!

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I'm loving the side part giving this bob a slightly uneven look. And can we talk about the color?! It's like the best of both worlds, getting a little bit of gray and a little bit of blue.

15. The right cut can make you look more mature or take years off.

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If you're looking for a way to appear older, a short cut is the way to go.

16. Worried you might get the wrong cut?

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When you buzz all your hair off, there's very little room for error. And this look will make your eyes pop even more!

17. Remember how I said the right cut can make you look more mature?

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Sometimes a pixie cut can shave 10 years off too! She looks beautiful and confident. You go, girl!

18. One of my favorite looks.

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You get the freeing feeling of a buzz cut but get to keep some memory of your longer hair. In some cases, you can even switch up the part, depending on what you're feeling each day.

19. Instant volume.

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The longer your hair gets, the straighter it often gets because of all the weight. Once you cut a few or more inches off, you get bounce back.

20. Hot momma!

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There's nothing wrong with having a natural hair color but sometimes you need a pop or bright light in your life and that can come in the form of hair dye.

21. So much hair!

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We've seen some pretty drastic changes already but wow! That's one long braid! I hope she donated it, but she looks incredibly confident and beautiful. Love it!

22. Pretty before and after.

Instagram | @flynx

Sometimes it's not about needing a confidence boost but simply craving a change from what you've become so used to. I think she looks great both ways, but it's all about whatever makes you happiest.

23. Gorgeous change!

Instagram | @nicolestyles101

A huge upgrade in my opinion. I feel like the blue and green tips are overdone and very few can pull it off. Cute before but so elegant now.

24. The definition of cute!

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Her hair was pretty nice before but it's soooo adorable now. Look at how much volume she has! I'm super jealous of her hair and the style, it's perfect for her.

25. This is what we all need for summer.

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Short hair is great for any season but this look screams summer. It's bright, warm, and cool. It freshens up your look too.

26. That must be a weight off her shoulders.

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I can't imagine how heavy and hot all that hair must be, even though it looks gorgeous! A shoulder-length cut is a perfect way to change up.

27. Much happier!

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Who cares how long your hair is or why you choose to cut it or not. All that matters is that you're happy and love your style. Beautiful!

28. Some people just shine.

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I love how much more of a presence she has with shorter hair. It's hard to hide behind a cut like this but that can be a good thing!

29. Always will be my favorite cut.

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It's a huge change for sure and for some a really big decision. But just look at how much bigger her eyes look! Gorgeous!

Feeling inspired for a hair cut yet?

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The great thing about hair is that it can always grow back, and there are so many things you can do with it. Life is too short for boring hair!

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