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Costco Is Selling A Ready-To-Drink Golden Margarita For Under $10

"Ready-to-drink" may be the three greatest words seen in grocery store aisles and liquor stores. Some people love to be bartenders and mixologists and that's great for them! But some of us want to get right to sipping.

That's why we are ever-so grateful to Costco that they're selling a giant bottle of pre-mixed margarita.

"Liquid gold" truly hits different when you find Costco's ready-to-drink Golden Margarita.

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It's made with gold tequila, cane sugar, triple sec, and has zingy notes of lime and orange.

What more could you ask for in a marg?

The liquid gold comes in a giant 1.75L bottle and is 12.7% ABV.

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A very specific ABV percentage, but we're not complaining.

The best part of it all? They're under $10.

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And if you buy 6 bottles, each bottle comes to $6 each.

Costco isn't even playing around. They know people are stocking up on this drink.

Who needs a bar patio this summer when Costco is basically your bartender?

Coronavirus can't stop marg season!

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