Quotes About Marriage That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Marriage is sacred but that doesn't mean we can't amke fun of it here and there.

That's because, if we're being honest, there are aspects of marriage that can test the limits of our patience. How come no one ever told us this before we exchanged the rings.

If you need a little break from married life, these brutally honest tweets will remind you how funny these frustrations can be.

Forever burning.

What wife doesn't love a good battle with their hubby from time to time? And when I say from time to time, I mean every day.

Oh, hunny, you already know.

A man with a cold is equally as bad as someone on their death bed.

It's a lose-lose situation, my friend.

Just tell her you're appreciative of her doing so much—you'll always win.

300 times is a blessing.

Watch me tell my husband to do the same thing 500 times and then he screams at me and does it at the same time.

Thanks for making me redo it!

Can't he just do it right the first time? I don't get it. What's so hard?!?

Literally... why?

Can't you just let me live?!? Go somewhere else. If only there was a mute button for our spouses. Am I right?

He gets it.

Glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, jelly — you already know.

When we see a pimple, oh baby it's on.

"Let me just get it, it's ready!!!!"

Stay away from my ear.

Honestly, this is a strategy I haven't even thought of, but I love it.

Ah, true love.

Second to the dog, always.

Can't even fathom.

If my husband went and got pizza without me, I'd surely have him sleep on the couch for the remainder of the week. Maybe the month.

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