Treat Yourself To Cocktail-Infused Popcorn For A Decadent Movie Night Snack

When it comes to snacking, everyone wants to have a solid drink to wash it down. During quarantine, we can't deny that we've become accustomed to drinking and eating endlessly at home.

With not much else to do, everyone is turning to movies and TV in their free time.

Unsplash | Alex Munsell

When every day is filled with hours of endless free time, we're drinking and eating more than usual — at least, I definitely am.

For movie nights, I'm constantly popping a bag of popcorn to munch on.

And, pouring myself a class of wine — or five.

Now, there's a company that's combining the best of both worlds and selling a combo of the two.

That's right—alcohol-infused popcorn is now a thing and I need to get my hands on every single flavor ASAP!

EATABLE Popcorn is combining the two savory things and making everyone's quarantine that much better.

There are tons of flavors to choose from and they're all reasonably priced.

All of your favorite drinks are included in these delicious bags, plus, savory and salty popcorn.

Some of the flavors include Poppin Peach Bellini and Poppin Merlot PB & J.

Plus, you can order combo packs with different drinks and flavors.


What better way to have a movie night than to pop some of this boozy popcorn?

Watch parties just got that much better and I'm sure everyone can agree.

You can order some bags on their website — and it's free shipping over $39.

Or, why not send some as a gift? It's the best way to say you miss vegging out on weekends with your friends. Check out Eatable and order some of their alcohol-infused popcorn here.