Single Mom Builds An Entire Home For Her Family After Watching YouTube Tutorials

When it comes to buying a home, many individuals feel as though it's impossible because of just how expensive the housing market can be. Building a home can also be rather expensive, but as this mom has proven, there are some DIY options available.

Many families struggle when trying to find the perfect home.

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Especially when you have children, it's hard to decide exactly where to live. When you're on a budget, it's even harder to find a place.

Single mom Cara Brookins needed a place to live with her four children.

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She found out that purchasing a home as a single mother was extremely expensive. She told CNN, "Things can get a little expensive when you are escaping an abusive relationship and have four children."

After leaving her abusive husband, she wanted to buy a great home for her children.

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She said that everything was either too small or too expensive. However, she realized YouTube had a ton of tutorials on how to build a home.

The idea may seem impossible, but not to this mom.


Brookins brought an acre of land in Bryant, Arkansas, and decided to build an entire house for her and her kids.

She said she wasn't alone in this project—her kids were there to help.

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Alongside her four children, Brookins used YouTube tutorials to build their entire home from scratch.

Her oldest son, who was 17 at the time, helped with the blueprints.

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The two drew up a plan to get it approved by the city. Brookins' other children helped with building and cooking while they worked on their project for nine months.

They had help from a family friend, who already had some experience in building homes.

And, on March 31, 2009, the family moved into their new home together that they all had a hand in building.

Brookins said that the hard work and the project brought them all together.

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The mom told CNN, ""The entire process brought our family closer together and we learned that nothing is impossible. We found new hope."

While it may seem crazy to build an entire home from scratch, it's not impossible.


And, now, you can find out how to get it done, too, by reading about the Brookins family's experience.

The new book, titled 'Rise: How a House Built a Family,' is a perfect read.

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Brookins said she hopes the book will inspire other families to rethink the way they build their homes and will inspire them to find hope.

What a beautiful story and a wonderful family!

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Hard work and dedication always pays off.