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8+ Hilarious Tweets About Elon Musk's Son's Unique Name

In case you haven't heard, Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes just welcomed their first child together.

That's not even the most exciting news. The baby's very unique name was released (kinda) and, well, let's just say that Twitter went nuts.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk and his partner, Grimes, welcomed a baby into the world.

The SpaceX founder and CEO and the pop singer have been dating since 2018.

Elon kept fans up-to-date on everything when the singer went into labour.

But soon, things got really weird.

When a fan asked for a picture of the baby, he shared this:

Twitter | @elonmusk

Baby Malone?

“Thanks :) Never too young for some ink haha," the 48-year-old wrote after someone said they liked the ink.

When it came to the baby's name, Elon obliged on that, too. Ready for this?

Twitter | @elonmusk

His name is apparently X Æ A-12 Musk... While we're still unsure whether Elon is being serious or not, Twitter went nuts.

Keep scrolling for 10+ tweets about Elon Musk's new baby's name!

1. If you have trouble pronouncing it, someone made this handy visual:

Ah, that's much better.

2. We need to hear from Grimes:

If she agreed on this name, then this two are clearly perfect for each other.

3. With a name like this, people already know that baby Musk is destined for greatness:

Forget Clifford the Big Red Dog or Love You Forever by Robert Munch, this baby has some learning to do!

4. "My name is Jeff" - said in the Channing Tatum *22 Jump Street* accent.

"'this is our son Rick Grimes' would have been amazing," added another.

5. Ah, shoot. If only the name was more unique:

Maybe, the baby can try "X Æ A-12-xo Musk"?

6. If a substitute teacher pronounces "Blake" as "Balockaye," they may struggle with X Æ A-12:

Mr. Garvey has met his match.

7. When X Æ A-12 rises and shines in the morning, this is clearly what ti looks like:

Elon is obsessed with space, after all, so this baby secretly being an alien is not out of the question.

8. This, however, means that these parents will have to raise their child quite differently:

We can hear it now: "STOP THAT GLOWING, X Æ A-12 Rachel."

9. So, in summary, their baby's name is just "Musk":

This would make a lot of sense.

10. When fans asked how you pronounce it, Willie came through:

Rachel Musk, how adorbz.

11. It's pretty well-established now that Elon's son is a superior being, right?

Superior being, alien, same diff.