Nike Announces It Will Donate 30,000 Pairs Of Shoes To Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are finally getting the recognition for all the hard work they do, but it comes at a time when they would probably much rather be assured of having all the proper equipment they need to do their jobs on hand than a round of applause.

Nike has a plan to at least help out with healthcare workers' tired feet, if nothing else.

Nike has announced that it will donate 30,000 pairs of shoes to America's healthcare workers.


And they're donating even more outside the U.S. as well - in all, the company will distribute 140,000 articles of clothes, footwear, and equipment across the globe, all for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

Nike is best known for its shoes for traditional athletes, but one line of its footwear recognizes that healthcare workers are athletes, too.


After all, they're on their feet all day for some seriously long shifts, covering thousands of steps and countless miles.

And so, Nike developed a shoe just for healthcare workers, studying workers on their shifts at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon to make sure they knew the workers' footwear needs intimately, including things like traction and liquid spills, along with maximum comfort.

The result was the Air Zoom Pulse, which launched in November 2019, and which Nike will be giving away in its donation spree.

Hospitals in New York, Chicago, Memphis, and Los Angeles, as well as those within the Veterans Health Administration, will be the primary beneficiaries of the 30,000 shoes. Another 2,500 pairs will be sent to hospitals in London, Barcelona, Milan, and Paris, among others.

Workers in New York and Los Angeles will also receive 95,000 pairs of soccer socks that feature mild compression.

To ensure the donation goes as smoothly as possible, Nike has partnered with nonprofit Good360.

Good360 specializes in distributing donated products and has worked with Nike in the past. Nike says that so far, the company and its employees have donated $25 million toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

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