'Mama Needs A Drink' Is The Relatable Storybook To Give Any Mom

Every mom in America right now can agree on one thing and one thing only — we all need a drink. Between working from home and having our kids "remote learning" at home, it's non-stop parenting all day long — with little to no breaks.

If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that every mom needs a break.

Unsplash | Alexander Dummer

With Mother's Day coming up, it's no secret that we need a little extra TLC this year. Let's face it, we are going above and beyond.

And what better way to show mom you just get her needs than by purchasing her the book made for her — 'Mama Needs A Drink.'

The hilarious book, written by Tage Lee, is the perfect thing to get any mom this Mother's Day.

Lee is a first time mom who wanted to give other moms a reason to smile.

She says her goal is, "... to make parents laugh when they need it most (and permission to pour themselves a glass of their favorite wine)."

The book nails what it's like to be an overwhelmed mother.

Between kids, pets, responsibilities, and all the in-between — it's a real life autobiography for most moms.

People who purchased the book have nothing but praise.

One Amazon customer wrote:

"A tremendously clever and humorous relief from the stresses of the beauty of motherhood. Simply a wonderful and heart warming tale of the true love, and yet the real-life challenges that go with it, of having a new baby. A must for all soon-to-be or new moms, their friends and families. The perfect baby shower gift!"

And, it's the perfect gift for any new mom.

One wrote:

"The perfect book for this tired mama of three! Funny for me, entertaining for the kids!!! Will be giving it to ALL the mamas in my life!!!"

Plus, if you love this book, you'll love the sequel.

Mama Needs A Vacay goes hand-in-hand with Mama Needs A Drink.

After this quarantine, we know we all need a vacay.

Even if you're missing your mommy friends—send them this perfect gift so say "I get it."

Both books are available on Amazon for purchase.

You can shop Mama Needs A Drink and Mama Needs A Vaycay online.