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People Are Making 'Pancake Cereal' For The Ultimate Breakfast Collab

A few months ago, you may have only heard mere whispers about this mysterious phenomenon they call "TikTok." And no matter how many times I tell my father, yes, just like the sound a clock makes. Except it has absolutely not one thing to do with clocks or time.

It's another video-based social media platform that is made up of million upon millions of user-generated content—people upload videos of themselves doing various things, from silly voice-over skits, to dances, and even recipes that often go viral.

White Claw slushies and whipped coffee are just a couple recipes that have popped off on the site, but now everyone's on to 'pancake cereal.'

Behold: 'pancake cereal.'

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This is the latest weird food recipe to takeoff on TikTok.

No, it's not a new cereal like Cookie Crisp or French Toast Crunch.

But it does take inspiration from the tiny size of cereal that makes it a fast and easy choice for breakfast.

'Pancake cereal' is literally small pancakes, syrup, and butter, assembled in a bowl to look like cereal.

Watch it being made here!

And while most people just symbolically use the syrup as the "milk," some people really are eating their little pancakes with cereal and a spoon.

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Which is—eek.

What's really fun is that you can personalize your pancake cereal with your favorite batter, like rainbow bit, chocolate chip, banana, blueberry—the list goes on and on.

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I'm not going to lie, I am definitely going to hop on the pancake cereal bandwagon.

Looks like we should be turning to TikTok for fresh recipes!

And if you really want to make it a balanced TikTok breakfast, don't forget the whipped coffee!

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Will you be giving this trend a try? Let us know!