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Gordon Ramsay Swaps Clothes With His Daughter For Their TikTok Video

He's a chef, television personality, lover of swear words, and TikTok star???

Yep, Gordon Ramsay just made a hilarious dance video with his 18-year-old daughter and you don't want to miss it!

If you thought TikTok was just for 14 year olds, think again.

These days, it's got everyone from thirty-somethings to even celeb parents using it!

For instance, Kourtney Kardashian proved that she's a cool mom when she appeared in one alongside her son, Mason.

TikTok | David Dobrik

The pair got a TikTok lesson from one of the greats: internet personality, David Dobrik.

Courteney Cox learned that these viral TikTok dances are *not* easy.

The next video they need to make is "The Routine" from Friends.

Victoria Beckham got sort of tricked into making an iconic TikTok with her son, Romeo.

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Their dance, of course, was to "Spice Up Your Life" from Victoria's Spice Girl days.

“He came home the other day and he said, ‘You know, Mom, I’ve just joined TikTok, will you do a dance with me?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, what should we dance to?’ He said the Spice Girls,” Victoria said on *The Ellen Show*.

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“And then he took my phone, he posted it on my Instagram, and he said, ‘That’ll get my numbers up.’”

“He used me," she joked.

In the end, his plan worked, as he did get quite a few new followers in the process.

And now, the latest celeb to become a TikTok star is Gordon Ramsay.

You know him as a chef, television personality, and someone who swears a lot, but did you know that he's an expert dancer, too??

This past Saturday, he did the Flip the Switch challenge on TikTok with his 18-year-old daughter, Matilda.

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The clip starts with Gordon dressed in a maroon sweater while his daughter is in a white dress.

They appear to be making something delicious as Gordon is grinding pepper and Matilda stirs.

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Things flip drastically, however, when the screen fades to dark.

When they return, Gordon is wearing his daughter's white frilled dress and Matilda is in his maroon hoodie.

"How @tillyramsay and I prepared before today’s live.... #fliptheswitch #tiktok," the celebrity chef captioned the hilarious post.

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People loved the video, as they soon praised Ramsay for being a "cool" dad.

"This might be the best thing I’ve ever seen hahaha top notch!" commented another.

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It's nice to see Gordon having fun after the tough time he had last week.

In case you missed it, the chef was dragged on social media for allegedly not following isolation rules.

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“We’ve seen him multiple times in several places,” an insider toldThe Sun.

He's been isolatating in his Cornwall mansion with his family.

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“We had no choice but to give a warning.”

Then, he sparked even more outrage when dashcam footage showed Gordon cycling through a red light.

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"Very nearly could have been a nasty accident as a car was coming the other way who had to slam on his brakes!" a witness told The Sun.

So with all this drama going on, no wonder Gordon just wanted to have some fun!

You can catch the clip of Gordon and his daughter dancing above or follow him on TikTok.