Nickelodeon Being Sued Over Death of Child at Resort

According to TMZ, Nickelodeon is facing a lawsuit over the death of a child at their resort. A child drowned in May after getting caught under water near a Dora statue. The boy had initially gone unnoticed by the lifeguard, but by the time the child was found it was too late. Below are eight other times tragic incidents have occurred at theme parks.

Thunder River Rapids in Australia

In Australia on the country's Gold Coast in October, 2016, four people died after their raft flipped over at Dreamworld. The ride was later closed for good. The park later invited the peoples' loved ones to set up a memorial in their honor, but it's unclear whether that's happened

Verruckt waterslide in Kansas City


Tragedy struck at what was the world's tallest waterslide in August, 2016 in Kansas, when a boy was decapitated after riding the slide. The incident gained national attention, and the 17-story, 51 meters tall free-fall ride has been closed.

Fantasyland rollercoaster ride, 1986

Unsplash | 2Photo Pots

In Edmonton at Fantasyland's Mindbender rollercoaster in a local mall, three people were killed when the car they were riding in lost its wheels and derailed. Nineteen others were injured.

Haunted Castle, New Jersey, 1984

Unsplash | ckturistando

At Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson Township, New Jersey, a fire fueled by foam padding inside a haunted house killed eight people. The haunted house also had plywood frames and interconnected trailers -- no sprinklers or smoke detectors had been installed. The accident resulted in better fire-safety laws for structures like haunted houses.

Rollercoaster in Japan, 2007

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

The Fujin Raijin Rollercoaster at Japan's Expoland amusement park derailed, then hit a guard rail. The ride was unusual in that people rode it while standing. One woman was killed and 21 were injured. The ride was apparently going 75 km per hour when the incident occurred.

Ohio State Fair, 2017

Unsplash | Will Myers

At the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair in 2017, one teen was killed after the ride broke apart and people were hurled into the air, injuring seven. The accident resulted in more investigation into faulty rides and prompted safety measures to be looked at again.

Ferris Wheel at Tennessee County Fair, 2016


Three girls were hurt at the Greene County Fair in Greeneville, Tennessee, in 2016 after the basket of the ferris wheel they were riding flipped over, dropping them to the ground. One girl suffered serious brain trauma. Inspectors later determined the cause was "mechanical failure."

Tsunami rollercoaster, 2016


In July 2016, this rollercoaster at Scotland's M & D's theme park derailed, tossing five gondolas onto a children's ride below. Ten people (including eight children) were injured. The gondolas left the track after rounding a bend, then hit the structure of the rollercoaster.

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