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Movie Crew Accidentally Discovers First Brown Bear Seen In Area For 150 Years

For a lot of us, it's not necessarily that surprising to come across a brown bear. That depends a lot on where you live, of course, and it doesn't necessarily mean you'd be comfortable having one in your backyard.

But the point is that seeing one at all would hardly be an earth-shattering surprise. They're known to wander throughout the woods of North America so much that we even have an expression about them pooping there.

But it turns out that they're not such a common sight in other parts of the world. So when one happened to wander into camera range during a Spanish film project, it was as big of a deal as getting a clear shot of Bigfoot.

And you'll be able to see their discovery in the full video.

A crew working for Zeitun films have recently found themselves shooting at Invernadeiro National Park in Spain's northwest region of Galicia.

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Although little information is publicly available about the movie they're making (at least in English), we do know that it's called Montaña ou Morte (which means "mountain or death").

The project apparently involved setting up some motion detecting cameras.

YouTube | vigo al minuto, Zeitun Films

As The Guardian reported, it wouldn't have been so unusual for those camera to end up with footage of wolves, deer, or a wild boar.

A brown bear, however, is a completely different story.

The bear is a male estimated to be between three and five years of age and is believed to be the first of its kind to wander through the region in 150 years.

YouTube | vigo al minuto, Zeitun Films

Two wildlife rangers who are working as advisers on Montaña ou Morte, Ricardo Prieto Rochas and Tomás Pérez Hernández, said they believed the bear spent the winter in the park after traveling down from the Sierra del Caurel mountains.

They also figured that its presence was a sign that the park could be a new home for the large animals.

YouTube | vigo al minuto, Zeitun Films

As a statement from Zeitun films said, "Years of conservation work in the Invernadeiro National Park have allowed it to become a suitable habitat for the brown bear."

As we can see here, the film crew's camera traps also happened to catch the bear lurking around at night.

YouTube | vigo al minuto, Zeitun Films

At one point, we can see it apparently scratch its back against a tree, which makes it look like it's dancing.

Brown bears aren't a complete anomaly in Spain, but they've been a protected species in the nation since 1973.

According to The Guardian, bears from Slovenia have been introduced to the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France over the last two decades to bolster the existing brown bear population there.

But in the full video, you'll get a good luck at the very special one the movie crew spotted.

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