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Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Engaged 10 Months After Wife's Death: 'It's A Miracle'

Duane "Dog" Chapman, best known for his bounty hunting work on the reality shows Dog The Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted, has just announced that he's engaged ten months after the passing of his wife, Beth.

Beth Chapman passed away in June of last year.

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After fighting cancer for many years, Beth Chapman passed away at the age of 51. Dog and Beth had been married since 2006, but had been together almost twenty years.

On April 11th, Dog confirmed that he had a new girlfriend, family friend Francie Frane.

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Francie had shared a photo of the couple on her Instagram, writing, "So excited for this new chapter!" which Dog also shared on his account. Dog's daughter, Lyssa, commented on the post, writing, "How cute are these two!"

In a new interview with *The Sun*, Dog has confirmed that he and Francie are now engaged.

"It's a God relationship because it's just like a miracle," Dog said, "It's a miracle how we met and it's a miracle how great we're getting along."

Dog revealed he asked Francie to marry him at a candlelit dinner at his home in Colorado.

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Dog also added that he wanted to have "the biggest wedding there's ever been" and that it will be "one hell of a party."

Francie also gave some details on the romantic proposal.

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"He said, 'I know that God brought you into my life and I don't want to spend one moment of it without you'," Francie said, "Who can say no to that? It was wonderful."

Dog and Francie both lost their previous spouses to cancer in the past year.

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The couple has explained that they helped each other through the grieving process.

Dog added, "I know that when I start to feel bad about Beth and it's overwhelming, Francie seems to show up and that helps the kids."

"And I feel that Beth expects her to show up to take care of me."

"And Bob, Francie's late husband, expects me to be a man and a gentleman and so I am," Dog added, "It's a very real love that we are developing with each other."

They explained that they are constantly open with their grief.

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"Both of us are allowed to talk about our spouses that are in Heaven - it's not like we're afraid to mention it or anything like that," Dog continued.

"We console each other but we also know that we have a responsibility and that is to do this right."

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"There are a lot of people watching us, but throughout the coronavirus which is affecting us all right now, love is prevailing. And that's how we feel," Dog said.

"We're taking this day by day, step by step — big steps come in pairs, little steps come in bunches."

"So that's how we're handling it and how we're doing it."

While Dog had previously indicated he wouldn't remarry after Beth's death, he added that Francie would be "the last Mrs. Chapman."

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Dog also said the wedding wouldn't take place until after the current pandemic has passed so that their families could be present.

Congratulations to the happy couple!