Scrapped Disney Plots That Would Have Changed Everything

So you think you know everything there is to know about your favorite Disney movies? Do you say there's nothing you haven't heard that could surprise you? Oh, how wrong you are.

These scrapped Disney storylines won't only blow your mind, but they could quite possibly have drastically altered the outcome of some of our most beloved Disney classics!


Walt Disney Pictures

Wall-E's original design was extremely reminiscent of The Planet of the Apes.

They were going to have these alien jelly creatures who would have been revealed to have evolved from humans.


Walt Disney Pictures

Supposedly the Scottish Highlands were nowhere to be found in the early drafts for Brave.

The setting was going to take place in a generic Northern European location. It's hard to imagine the film without the Scottish accents.

*Peter Pan*.

Peter Pan had a much darker beginning when things first took flight.

The film was set to begin with the capture of the Lost Boys and Peter making a deal to 'steal' a mother in exchange for their safe return.


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Tame collars are given to all the predators in Zootopia.

After feeling the freedom from having his shock collar removed, Nick was going to open an amusement park just for predators called 'Wild Times'.

*Monster's Inc.*.

Walt Disney Pictures

In the beginning, Monsters Inc. was about a 30-something-year-old who had monsters living in his bedroom.

They came into his life at various stages in childhood and stuck around because he didn't have the courage to face them.

*Toy Story 2*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Can you even picture Toy Story 2 without Jessie?

It sounds hard to believe but she wasn't even in the original script. In her place was a character by the name of Senorita Cactus.

*The Lion King*.

Simba was never supposed to make his grand journey across the African safari in the early stages of The Lion King.

Timon and Pumba were also written as childhood friends, instead of road acquaintances.


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The rough draft of Moana would have seen her as the lone girl in a family full of boys (exploring gender roles was going to be a key theme).

Maui was also more of a slouch and a total has-been.


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Elsa was supposed to be the villain of the story. There was even a plot to have her attack the village with an army of snowmen.

After writing the song 'Let It Go', the character underwent a re-write.

*Toy Story 3*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Toy Story 3 was headed in a totally different direction than the final version we saw in theatres.

In the early stages, there was no daycare center at all. The film was going to be set in Andy's grandma's attic.

*Monsters University*.

Mike and Sully were supposed to have been childhood friends.

They were going to have a falling out and reconnect in university. Which would have gelled a lot better with the first film.

*Inside Out*.

Walt Disney Pictures

Fear was set to embark on the journey through Riley's mind with Joy, not Sadness.

But they decided that any action Riley would make that was grounded in Fear was sending the wrong message.


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This one seems like a missed opportunity, but Ratatouille was going to focus a lot more on Remy.

With less of an emphasis on the human world, viewers would have seen how Remy grew up.


Walt Disney Pictures

Tangled was originally going to take place in a much more modern setting. Instead of its classic Medieval happening, it was going to be set in San Francisco. I kind of like that idea!


Walt Disney Pictures

The original concept for UP is so far gone that it doesn't even come close to resembling the theatrical version.

It was intended to tell the story of two princes who live in a floating city on an alien planet.