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Adorable Penguin Pair Go On Sight-Seeing Trip Through Empty Canadian Mall

With most of the world stuck indoors under strict stay-at-home orders, our favorite go-to spots, like shopping malls, have been left empty without any visitors in sight.

However, one Canadian mall was recently host to an adorable penguin duo who were given free range of the place and were left to roam to their little hearts' desire.

On March 16, Alberta's popular West Edmonton Mall announced it would be closing its doors to shoppers until social distancing measures are lifted.

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In the meantime, two African penguins who live in the building's underground aquarium were brought up top to enjoy all the empty space the center currently has to offer.

And thankfully for us, their curious exploration was filmed.

Although not explicitly named, it's safe to assume this adorable pair is the popular penguin team of Dayo and Skadu.

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They certainly look a little confused as they roam the quiet, empty paths of the mall.

After all, this joint is usually teeming with humans but now it's inexplicably free of the people who usually flock to watch the mall's popular Penguins On Parade event.

Nevertheless, they decide to make the most of their exploration opportunity and waddle their way from one end of the mall to the other.

Footage of the pair's heartwarming adventure was shared on the West Edmonton Mall's Twitter page where it currently has over 5,000 views and plenty of comments from appreciative self-isolators.

"This is the BEST video I have ever seen," one user wrote, while another added, "It’s going to be so sad for the critters when the people come back... but I can’t wait to come back!"

This isn't the first time during penguins have been given the run of an empty attraction during quarantine.

In March, two snazzily-dressed rockhopper penguins were let loose to explore Chicago's Shedd Aquarium where they got up close and personal with some of the marine life there.

Although we're not currently able to enjoy places like malls and aquariums ourselves right now, it's at least comforting to know that someone's getting enjoyment out of them, especially if that someone happens to be adorable penguins.

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