Texas Restaurant Will Deliver Its Famous Margaritas Straight To Your Door

When it comes to staying indoors during this pandemic, everyone is looking for ways to spice things up. The same old dinner gets boring every night, so why not support your local businesses to spread some joy?

El Arroyo is a famous Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas that has scored viral fame on social media from their hilarious signs.

The restaurant is frequently posting funny and hilariously witty remarks on their sign outside of the restaurant.

If you've ever been to Austin, you know their food is insanely good, too.

Aside from having a great sense of humor, the restaurant sure does know how to cook up a great meal.

With the pandemic keeping everyone inside, El Arroyo opperated on take-out and drive through.

You could still score the delicious food, but you did have to leave home in order to secure that bag of tacos.

Now, instead of having to leave home, the restaurant has figured out a way to make their customers happy.

The restaurant realized that having customers leave their homes may cause some danger for some, as there have been more and more officials urging individuals to stay at home.

Luckily, El Arroyo has been offering delivery options for customers now.

It's literally the best news you will hear today — you can get all of that goodness delivered straight to your door.

They're offering a killer deal that will make absolutely everyone happy at home.

The $40 deal comes with 32 ounces of the famous El Arroyo fresh margarita mix, a tequila bottle, a Topo Chico, and chips and salsa.

Obviously, it's perfect for "Taco Tuesdays" and Cinco de Mayo.

Or, honestly, any other day of the week.

You can, of course, order any of their food from their killer menu for delivery.

Why not try some enchiladas or even pick up some quesadillas and tacos?!?

Their "to-go" margaritas also come with some hilarity, too.

They have labels of their hilarious restaurant signs all focused on margaritas for your enjoyment.

Why not make your quarantine a bit more fun with some fresh delivery?

High-key wish I lived in Austin so I can make my weekend that much better.

The company is also selling bottled hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean!

We love a company who gives back in the best ways.