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Japanese Park Blanketed With 4.5 Million Blue Flowers Is An Amazing Sight

In my neck of the woods, it's finally transitioning from the rainy, post-winter muck stage of early spring into the budding flowers and green grass stage that finally feels like summer is around the corner.

Sadly, I can't fully appreciate the flowers this year, so I'm visiting famous gardens vicariously via the internet, and boy, has the internet provided!

Hitachi Seaside Park sits along the coast of the Japanese city of Hitachinaka.

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It's a big tourist destination, especially in spring, thanks to its stunning flower displays.

In particular, it's famous for its fields of nemophila that bloom in April and early May.

Nemophila flowers are also called "baby blue eyes" for obvious reasons.

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Once the approximately 4.5 million blossoms bloom each year, the park hosts an event called Nemophila Harmony, which attracts tons of visitors to the gardens and small amusement park.

What makes the display so magical is how the blue of the flowers almost perfectly matches the sky.

And due to the rolling hills of the park, most manmade structures are hidden beyond the horizon, making the fields seem to go on forever.

Another popular time to visit the park is in October when the summer cypress turns bright red.

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Winding paths let tourists enjoy the flowers without disturbing the blooms, and an army of experienced gardeners are there to keep everything beautiful and healthy.

The park is definitely on my bucket list!

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