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A Booze-Filled Bouquet Is Sure To Put Moms In A Good Mood On Mother's Day

Mother's Day. What a lovely day to honor your mom or mother figure in your life and make them feel so loved. And if you're a mom, how nice is it to have a dedicated day where you're able to sit back, relax, and hopefully not have to fix everything everyone is trying to do for you.

Flowers are pretty much a staple in the Mother's Day gift exchange, but if you really want to be the best husband, wife, partner, or child in the world, then consider trading in the flower arrangement for the most beautiful arrangement of all: a bouquet filled with booze.

Flowers are nice, but adding some mini alcohol bottles to an arrangements just makes them that much better.

The Decorated Cookie

The Decorated Cookie has a great tutorial for creating a faux flower bouquet with, most importantly, real booze attached to each stem.

However, flowers aren't necessary with a beautiful colorful and glistening bouquet like this.

Instagram | @r3cr3at3it

The mini bottles of booze stand on their own quite well, don't you think?

The best part is that you can tailor the bouquets to the very special mother's tastes.


If they love a vodka moment, fill'er up with vodka. If she likes a mix of spirits, throw an assortment in!

These also work swimmingly with mini wine bottles too. Roses certainly take on new meaning when the bouquet is filled with rosé!

Throw some chocolates in there too, and maybe a gift card to a spa, once they open again.

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The booze bouquet is your oyster!

These bouquets are truly a gift that keeps on giving throughout the whole day!

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