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'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Has A Mystery Countdown On Her Website

Everybody, calm down. This is not a drill, and we definitely need to remain calm.

There is a timer on Stephenie Meyer's website, and nobody knows what it's counting down to.

Stephenie Meyer wrote the iconic *Twilight* series.

She also wrote The Host and has done a gender-swapped version of Twilight called Life and Death which is genuinely delightful to read.

If you go to her website, however, you'll be greeted by a mysterious sight. now features a countdown.

Nobody is quite sure what the countdown is counting down for. All we know is that the countdown will end on May 4th at 8:30AM Eastern Time.

The links at the bottom of the website link to Fickle Fish Films.

This is the company that produced The Host film, so it's possible that perhaps the countdown has to do with that series — maybe a cast reunion of some sort?

However, most fans are hopeful that the news has to do with *Midnight Sun.*

Midnight Sun was a project that Stephenie had been working on and had scrapped twice. Basically, it was a retelling of the Twilight book but from Edward's perspective instead of Bella's.

It was scrapped once when an early version leaked online.

The second time it was shelved was because Fifty Shades Of Grey author E.L. James had decided to create a similar version of her novel from Christian Grey's perspective.

What do you think the countdown is for? Let us know in the comments!