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You Can Buy A 215-Piece Clear Puzzle That Looks Like Shattered Glass

Jigsaw puzzles are supposed to be a fun mindless activity that helps fight boredom while giving your eyes a break from screens, except of course when you need to take a picture for The Gram of the finished product. You always have to.

There have been some pretty cruel puzzles on the market to keep people more occupied than ever before.

Serious Puzzles

Take the 51,300-piece puzzle for example.

Or this completely clear puzzle

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Think that's cruel?

Think again.

As if a completely clear puzzle didn't seem daunting enough, there's now one that goes that extra step.

Yell Design

It's meant to look like shattered glass.

And if you've ever actually accidentally shattered glass, you know that the idea of even trying to form those pieces back to its original form would be near to impossible.

Not to mention quite dangerous!

Thankfully, this is a puzzle and not real glass, and what's impressive is that it was all made by hand!

Yell Design

It's made up of 215 unique pieces that vary in size and shape and connect to make a 23 inch by 21 inch masterpiece that looks like a rock was thrown at it.

The wild puzzle, so aptly named The Accident, is definitely shattering more than glass, like maybe my ego?

Yell Design

If you're daring enough to tackle this puzzle, find it online for $60.

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