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Blaze The Labrador's Beautiful Vitiligo Markings Make Him Totally Unique

There are certain breeds of dog known for their very specific look. Take a Labrador retriever for example; we expect a solid color, silky coat of short fur. And while they come in a few color varieties, usually when someone says they have a lab, black is the first color we picture.

It's iconic for a reason.

So when Blaze's human, Santeri Frilander, posted a photo of him on the Dogspotting Facebook group, he got a lot of attention.

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Good attention, of course!

Everyone wanted to say how beautiful Blaze is and learn more about what it's like to have a dog with vitiligo.

Labs are known to carry the genes for vitiligo, but it's more common to see it in yellow labs.

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Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes skin and fur to lose pigmentation. In most cases, there are no other symptoms or health risks, though checking with a veterinarian to ensure there isn't another underlying health issue is recommended.

Thankfully, though Blaze's case has appeared unusually late in life, he is otherwise perfectly healthy.

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Santeri told Bored Panda that it began with a single white spot on Blaze's ear about a year ago.

And by his recent 10th birthday, Blaze had earned himself the nickname of "Old Man."

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However, he's as energetic and ready for action as he ever was, with no signs of stopping any time soon.

If you'd like to see more of Blaze, you can follow him on Instagram @blazethedog__.

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