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Justin Timberlake Shares 'It's Gonna Be May' Meme That's Pandemic-Approved

Like clockwork, every year at the end of April, we are reminded of what exactly the next month is going to be, and the man who reminds us is none other than Justin Timberlake, along with the rest of the men in *NSYNC.

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In their iconic song"'It's Gonna Be Me," Justin's pronunciation sounds more like "may" than "me," which has spawned a million memes.

“I think he just has a real keen ear for what’s going to be the most memorable,” Justin said of writer Max Martin's decision to have them sing the word that way. “If you go back and look at that song, anyone can sing along to that song [but] you can’t sing ‘It’s gonna be ‘me.’’”

This year, of course, the meme looks a little different.

Instead of the usual shot of Justin from the band's music video for the song, the image Justin shared showed his younger self donning a face mask.

Fans were pretty appreciative of this new take on the meme.

One fan even showed off that her own face mask she's been wearing to protect herself (and others) was fashioned out of Justin Timberlake's merchandise and proudly featured his face in the center.

Other fans were just happy for the reminder.

As one fan showed off, some people figured out exactly when they'd need to hit play on the song to get the word "may" sung right as the clock struck midnight.

It looks like every little thing we do might finally be enough for Justin, because this is dedication!