Funfetti Cereal Makes Eating Cake For Breakfast A Breeze

We could all use more reason to start our mornings with a big bowl of F-U-N these days, don't you think?

Leave it to Pillsbury to turn their iconic Funfetti cake mix into an easy-to-eat cereal that seriously makes mornings exciting.

I don't know when eating cake for breakfast became a socially unacceptable thing, but Pillsbury sure found an inventive way to turn their iconic Funfetti cake into a breakfast delicacy.

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Like their name, they're definitely making mornings super fun and colorful!

And now they're stepping into the cereal world.


They just quietly launched Funfetti Cereal, nbd.

Let's get a closer look, shall we?


The box is filled with little Corn Pop-looking balls that are speckled with colorful sprinkles.

It looks veeeeeery similar to Canada's Timbits Cereal, which launched earlier this year.

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And if they taste anything like the Timbits cereal, they really are going to taste like cake!

I know this, because I tried the Timbits cereal. You have my word.

The cereal is currently listed on Walmart's website, but it unfortunately says the product is "Out of Stock."

Head to the website to get on the in-stock alert so you don't miss when it hits shelves!

Let's hope it's soon!

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