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15+ Cat Tanks That Show What Happens When People Put Their Boredom To Work

When we're stuck inside for long enough, we can start to notice some bizarre ideas come to mind after the boredom gets to us enough. For instance, one person tried to measure the height of their room in Cheerios only to discover that honey isn't a very good adhesive.

I'm not making that up, but the silver lining to all of this is that the second we act on a weird idea like that, everyone instantly understands why.

And since the CDC recommends that our pets stay inside with us (especially cats), it only makes sense that they'll end up getting roped into the creative projects we dream up to keep ourselves sane.

It's unclear who exactly thought of making big cardboard tanks for their kitties to command as most of the people we'll be seeing today were inspired to make their own after seeing one. But everyone seemed to put their own special spin on the idea.

This person was able to make their tank entirely out of cardboard and tape and it seems like this cat couldn't be happier with it.

Instagram | @louiseclaytonhatch

You're not likely to see a cat more at home than they are in a cardboard box, which really makes it look like it's just spotted the enemy in this case.

Although some pet owners were happy enough with something vaguely tank-like, this one seemed to strive for accuracy.

Instagram | @luciiilfer

And so, we have this kitty peeking out of this impressive cardboard and wood dowel rendering of an Abrams M1 tank.

Also, how jealous does the other cat in the background look?

This lovely cat with heterochromia has a suitably rad decoation on the hatch of its tank.

Instagram | @odysseusthecatdog

I'm not sure what happened to the barrel on the main gun, though. It looks like what happens after Bugs Bunny plugs up Elmer Fudd's rifle.

This cat is nice and snug inside of this simple cardboard number that had a little help from some toilet paper tubes.

Instagram | @missus_johnson

Based on how comfy it looks in there, I feel like this cat tank trend is going to stick around in this house for a long time.

The barrel on this cardboard tank looks like what I used to make a periscope in 4th grade science class.

Instagram | @felix_the_princess

But while a lot of cats seemed happy as anything with their big, new toys, this one seems more vaguely bewildered than anything.

"And just what exactly do you expect me to do with this, human?"

I like how a lot of these cats look like they're peeking ominously out from the hatches on these things.

Instagram | @lucikuitton

It's like they realize this is supposed to be a tank, but not that they aren't in an actual war.

You know, I thought we got a little too far into this without seeing a cat pun.

Instagram | @stepalater

"War meowchine" isn't the worst one somebody could have thought of, but this cat doesn't seem all that impressed with it.

I bet it won't want to come out, though.

Somebody definitely saw a golden opportunity when their cat made the perfect facial expression in this tank.

Instagram | @garrysyas

I also love the idea of the cat eventually seeing this picture and thinking, "Hey, I don't remember saying that."

When you've got a box from a company that fits this project perfectly, you find a way to work around it.

Instagram | @joeymcnamara

Unfortunately, that requires going with some treads that may not be the most structurally sound option out there.

Not that the cat seems to care, of course.

Of course, no weapon is as valuable as the element of surprise, which is why this tank's maker decided to go with a camo pattern.

Instagram | @chelseasaroe

It was also very considerate of them to make the hatch at ground level rather than in the traditional place so the commander can find its way inside easier.

This one made the intertesting choice of having egg carton parts fill in the role of the treads for a simpler, open-concept tank.

Instagram | @sarah_scottish_fold

The cat looks super nervous about this whole idea, though. Did they just plop it in here and give it no idea of what's going on?

According to the uplaoder, it was actually her young daughter who had the idea to build this tank.

Instagram | @welshykeira

And from the sound of it, she seemed to have spearheaded the project all on her own. With that in mind, the results are really impressive.

The cat doesn't seem like it knows what to think, though.

I can't imagine it was easy to actually get the cat in this thing.

Instagram | @yummydegruy

I also like the touch of turning that trademark Amazon smile upside down. This is a grim doom-bringer, after all.

This tank may not be the most elegant on this list, but it has a lot of character.

Instagram | @vacantenigma

Not only do I like the idea of treating every thundering boom from this thing's main gun as a "meow," but our cat commander's apparently been on a rough tour of duty for 12 weeks.

And the mice should know exactly what's coming for them now.

This tank doesn't seem like it's going anywhere, but that seems fine with kitty commander here.

Instagram | @robotzombieunicorn

With all that rage and determination in its eyes, it seems like it's happy enough to let them come and see how that works out for them.

This tank was apparently the result of the uplaoder's mom getting fidgety and needing a "hands-on creative break."

Instagram | @ellaandeden

I will say that the fact that she used Target boxes is a nice touch, but that cat does not looks pleased with the results.

I'm guessing that has to do with the fact that I don't see a way for it to get in. Or maybe it doesn't like that a little dog seems to be driving it.

This is one of the more comfortable tanks we've seen today, but that doesn't make it any less intimidating.

Instagram | @rene_r.any_h

Not only does it have a tough-as-nails skull on it, but that cat looks just about as ready to bring it. I like the tank matches its eyes, too.

As cat tanks go, this has to be up there as one of the more impressive models out there.

Instagram | @ziggy.dusty

Not only did they add custom decals for that metallic look, but it's got a serial number and everything.

I also like how we can tell that this is a British tank by that insignia on the turret. No wonder that other cat is standing at attention.

Hobbes here probably has the longest barrel we've seen yet and we can definitely give points for that attention to detail on the end of it.

Instagram | @markcknight

I'll bet that this tank's maker was glad they had such a large tube in their possession because their model definitely stands out.

I particuarly like that this one uses drink cans for the main gun, but that bandolier is also a nice touch.

Instagram | @sarah_fairy

Also, the fact that this cat fit its paw through that tiny hatch goes to show that they can wriggle themselves into anything.

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