13+ Times People Should’ve Just Bought The Real Thing

There is nothing quite like getting a good deal on something to make you feel like you've beaten the system! Whether it be a cheap pair of designer jeans online, or maybe a super cheap version of the headphones you were after, there is an inherent rush to getting something for a bargain!

However, this can also backfire a lot of the time. So, strap in and get yourself ready for the most awful and unbelievable knockoff brands on the planet, as I present you with 13+ times people should've just bought the real thing!

"Comparison Purposes Only"

Reddit | Pr3ttyL4m3

I wonder what it actually smells like? Do you reckon it smells anything like a real perfume or is it just the bottle that is for comparison only?

"Finally, a brand that totally represents my view towards life."

Reddit | BelvoxYBN

I need to get me a pair of these! They would only be more perfect if there was an exclamation mark at the end!

"Why get the north face when you can get the huge mountain?"

Reddit | guricosan

I mean, they are designed for walking up pretty huge mountains, so why wouldn't you call it huge mountain? What does North Face even mean?!

"Please tell me this isn't real. WHY?!"

Reddit | darkclaydol

Someone quite astutely pointed out in the comments that this looks like it would give you the runs incredibly fast. So, I guess it is actually more sonic themed than we thought.


Reddit | cyborgcolossus

No matter how old I get, there will always be something inexplicably funny about the word "dweeb" to me. I don't know what it is, but it kills me every time.


Reddit | Joey-Tribbiani92

I would definitely still buy and wear this shirt! I like this logo a lot more than the actual one!

"Its-a me, Captain America."

Reddit | skriIlin

Okie dokie! I think that this Captain America would have been able to take out Thanos just be jumping on his head!

"They put the hip in worship!"

Reddit | SammiWhammi

Wow! I don't think that I have ever wanted to watch a film quite as much as I want to watch this movie right now. I wonder if I can stream this?

"Holy Grail of crappy off-brands!"

Reddit | enderdragonpig

This just gets better the more you look at it. I particularly like that the KFC knockoff is called "Fried Chicken Hut" but the initials on it are "FCS"?

"My buddy buys cheap shoes online from China. This model is known as 'run my guy'."

Reddit | broke_20

I mean, he is running, so he is a running guy? I also quite like the positive tone, it sounds really motivational!

"I think I'll stick to Nutella."

Reddit | bryan6969

I think you made the right choice sticking with Nutella. I don't want to think about how they came up with the name Nut Master.


Reddit | steamed101

I bought a knockoff Gameboy a few years back, and it is the single most jarg piece of crap I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I essentially just use it for playing Tetris as all of the other "in-built" games are truly abysmal.

"Offbrand celebrity."

Reddit | Ulvs

That guy on the right looks so quietly uncomfortable about what is going on. I wonder if he even tried to protest or just went along with it?

"Yea. It's Garfield."

Reddit | NickReadr

I can imagine that there are hipsters across the internet salivating at the thought of owning this.

"Watch out Microsoft, Michael Binbows is coming..."

Reddit | Jylerne

Michaelsoft Binbows is a real up-and-comer in the tech world. One day his name will be up there with the likes of Bill Gates.


Reddit | ThatMonoOne

After Lightning McQueen got found to be using performance-enhancing fuels, he lived out the rest of his disgraced life high as a kite entertaining kids at amusement parks.

"Thin Mints' ugly cousin..."

Reddit | Lireth

Now, I'm a big fan of thin mints; however, I cannot imagine eating one of these behemoths! They must be the mintiest things on the planet!

"I present you the pinnacle of Shanghai markets, a hot glue NY Yankees hat."

Reddit | Gradians

I can only hope that the glue was holding on a more official logo, but at this point, I would not be surprised if this was just it.

"Double the Fiddling"

Reddit | zachandchaz

Nope, don't like that, don't like that one bit. The phrase "double the fiddling" should never be used in any context.

"Shrork, Fiyana, and Ass!"

Reddit | UrLilBrudder

Whoever is the person out there designing these nightmarish children's attractions, I at once applaud you, and hate you!

"If only there were a name for this rolling piece of wood."

Reddit | DrBatman0

"We've been thinking up names for this item in marketing."

"And, what have you got?"

"...Movable stick?"

"Sounds good."

"Ketchup isn't a brand name..."

Reddit | IguruDragneel

The phrase "Tomato condiment" makes me immediately wonder what makes it different from ketchup! Very suspicious.

"Crack Sparrow."

Reddit | Texaslonghorns12345

Someone also pointed out that this looks like Frank Zappa, and now I cannot unsee it!


Reddit | Micky_Whiskey

If you thought that Hot Dognalds was bad enough, check out Mc Burger! This makes Hot Dognalds look professional!

"My friend and I died laughing in the store ⏤ seen in Taiwan."

Reddit | ChemistryIsPunk

The people who made this certainly are despicable men! Look at the state of that logo!

"Hot Dognald's"

Reddit | adamlm

I mean, the letters aren't even on straight! That is just basic stuff that they're getting wrong at this point!

"The kids from Jimmy Neutron needed new jobs when booted from Nickelodeon."

Reddit | doglefoxes

I actually made a JImmy Neutron reference the other day and afterward wondered if that was still a reference that people would get, so it's good to have that reference validated.

"My favorite show from my childhood, Cat and rat!"

Reddit | Putinkov

I loved Cat and Rat as a kid. I always wanted Cat to win though, hated that little rat.

"Dude, it's my favorite chocolate bar."

Reddit | [deleted]

They put "Extra Crispy, Extra Creamy!" on the box to show they're truly one-upping their name brand competitor.

"Found this in the store..."

Reddit | kallebasten

I've seen many versions of these knockoff Pixar movies, and there's always something so unsettling about them. I hope this one stays in the store forever and rots there.

"Existential crisis games."

Reddit | Aeonzeldara

I like the concept of knockoff board games cuz they probably are exactly the same as the originals, just cheaper. Keep doing your thing, Wilko.

"Looks a bit...phoney doesn't it?"

Reddit | arusub15cfop

They even replaced the buttons, which is a level of care I didn't expect from one of these.

"Mother knew I wanted a Roomba but didn't want to waste that much money on one. So she found one for a bargain! Note, it has zero vacuuming ability."

Reddit | edgeofruin

This seems like a passive-aggressive move from your mom saying that you should just do the vacuuming yourself.

"At least they're honest."

Reddit | heathexer

The more I look at these, the more I wonder why they chose 'wet sand brown' as one of the colors. It's not entirely appetizing.

"A L A N."

Reddit | hufky_

There's something about that tag line that gets me every time I read it. Anyone know where I can actually get this shirt?

"Incredibly crappy."

Reddit | Palifaith

Speaking of Pixar knockoffs, there's also this. That has to be the biggest baby I've ever seen.

"Paid $10 for it and didnt realize til I put it least it has my name on it."

Reddit | Mikerruu

That's kind of the best-case scenario for knockoffs, actually. You maybe lost some quality but you gained a lot of charm.

"Coming to your nearest bookstore."

Reddit | Palifaith

I wish it wouldn't. I'm getting some strange vibes off this picture, I don't like the way that dragon's looking at me.

"I found this in my room."

Reddit | SamStache

Fun fact! I actually know a little history about Deepo. Deepo is the mascot for the Georgia Aquarium, and they did make a little movie about him, but it was made in partnership with Home Depot since they're a huge supporter of the aquarium. Deepo, Depot, get it? I have no idea what all the Sams are on the poster for, though.

"It was $1. I couldn’t resist."

Reddit | littlelordgenius

I actually know a bit about this, too. I've seen clips of it. It sucks.

"Man I love ant hero and amazing strange rope."

Reddit | thatsfishy123

Man, Ant-Man is way overrated, but let me tell you about Ant Hero.

"Crappy or genius?"

Reddit | theantisocialburrito

No joke, I'd wear these in a heartbeat. This is peak comedy.

Meats, By Dre!

Reddit | braingerous

In my experience, shoving cold cuts into your ears actually gives you better sound quality than using actual Beats, so these might actually be worth looking into!

"My favorite soap."

Reddit | Thomastts

For when Dove soap feels a little too feminine for your taste.

"Got These Jeans For A Steal Online, And Now I Know Why..."

Reddit | lance2k2

Let me know which was your favorite knockoff product in this list in the comments below! My personal favorite was the fake Big Bang Theory mask!