Cheeky Mojito-Scented Candle Confirms Day Drinking Can Happen Any Day

Like candles? Like day drinking? Then I have the candle for you.

The Day Drinking Candle, brought to you by Whiskey River Soap Co (the geniuses behind the snarky Zodiac soap), is the perfect thing to light for when you're feelin' like visiting Margaritaville.

Meet the Day Drinking candle.

Whiskey River Soap Co.

Part of their attitude-filled candle line, "A Candle for Day Drinking" smells like Saturday...and Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and you get the drill.

Hey, those are their words. Not mine.

"It's 10 a.m. somewhere."

So, what does it smell like, really? A Mojito, apparently.

It's a pretty hefty candle, too, coming in at 17oz. It has roughly 60 hours worth of burn time in it.

(It also comes in bath bomb form.)

Day drinking not your thing?

You can choose from one of their other candles, like "It's Only Frickin' Tuesday." It smells like slowly dying, aka Spearmint. If I was going to give slowly dying a scent, that's 100% what I'd pick.

You can check out all their candles on their website.

Each one costs $23.95, and they're all hand poured. That means there may be some slight variations, but hey! Variety is the spice of life, right?

Anyway, check them all out right here.

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