Become The Jedi Master Of Takeout With Lightsaber Chopsticks

There's Star Wars cookware. Star Wars bakeware. Even Star Wars toasters. So, what could possibly be missing from the Star Wars kitchen universe?

One word: ChopSabers.

Yup, they're lightsaber chopsticks.


I need these. You need these. We all need these. They're frickin lightsaber chopsticks! What's not to love? You can fight your friends over your food, just like the Jedi intended.

(They probably did not intend that.)

They come in four colors.


There's the classic blue and green for the Jedi, red for the Dark Side, and Mace Windu's iconic (and exclusive) purple.

They come in a pack of four, so you don't have to choose!

Customers love them, too.


All of the reviewers are nuts about how cool the ChopSabers are. The biggest complaint? They're a little slippery, since they're pretty smooth plastic. However, most people note that their cool factor more than makes up for that.

You can get yours on Amazon.


All four pairs will run you about $20, which has to be the cheapest you'll ever find a Lightsaber. Have you seen how expensive they are at Disneyland?

Anyway, happy eating, and may the force be with you.