Santa Makes Virtual Calls To Kids To Brighten Their Spirits During The Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, many parents and families are looking for unique and interesting ways to entertain their kids. Finding ways to instill hope in their children can be difficult during this time.

What better way to make your kids smile than by having Christmas in spring?

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Every kid needs something to look forward to during this scary time, and some people have found the perfect way to do so.

Chuck Plant, a man who dresses as Santa Claus, came up with the idea in March.

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At first, he did it for just the children in his neighborhood. But, the idea caught on via Facebook.

Plant posted a Facebook post and told parents he would be glad to help.

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"On Friday, March 27th I started a free FaceTime or Facebook messenger visit with the children in the local area. It caught on fast and now I am receiving request from other states outside the DMV area," he said on a Facebook post.

Santa will "virtually" visit kids to spread some cheer and hope.

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What kid doesn't love Santa and want a visit from him a few months early?!?

A local TV station picked up and before he knew it, people were requesting appointments.

"It became so popular that it was picked up by the local TV station and broadcasted at different locations. The reason that I decided to do this was to raise the spirits of the children who are stuck at home during these uncertain times," Plant said.

However, he was happy to spread the cheer to kids everywhere.

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He said: "So, if your child would like to have a visit from Santa They can message me (Santa Chuck Plant) and we can set up a time and date for the visit. As of today I have visited 68 families and the list keeps growing, the more families the better. This is what I love to do for the children. This is of course a volunteer visit and no money excepted. Please be Safe! Posted are some screen shots from previous visits."

So far, Plant has visited "over 50 homes."

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There's nothing quite like seeing a child's face light up when they see Santa. And, it's totally free of charge—how generous.

Santa is also spreading some good lessons, too.

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Plant said:

"I offer words of encouragement to focus on their school work, be nice to others, wash their hands, and help their parents at home."

He also reminds them to be good all year.

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Of course, every kid knows that it's important to behave for Santa and land on his nice list.

"After all, Santa is watching, and I will see them again at Christmas, even though they don’t see me!"

What a wonderful idea to spread some smiles!

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It can be hard to keep children happy when they don't understand everything that is happening in the world right now.

What other cool ways are you keeping the smiles coming at home?

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We love to hear stories of parents and people spreading some joy. Share yours with us!

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