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Join The Light Side Of The Force With 'Star Wars'-Inspired Stained Glass Lamps

The beauty of decorating your home is being able to personalize it with pieces that are an outer representation of your likes, interests, and tastes. If you're going to be spending your time there, you might as well make each space tailored to who you are the inside, right?

There's no doubt it can be difficult to decorate a space when you have a lot of clashing tastes, but one designer is effortlessly combining characters from Star Wars and classy lighting sources that will make fans feel in touch with both their nerdy and classic sides of the decor Force.

Instagrammer @woodland_porpoise_workshop is a self-proclaimed "Jedi Master Craftsman" who expertly combines classic decor elements of wood and stained glass with iconic characters from cinema.

Instagram | @woodland_porpoise_workshop

Not everyone wants a plastic piece that looks like an exact replica of the character—they want it to look chic and timeless as the years go on.

These lamps do just that and more.

What's even more amazing is that KPride makes everything by hand, even the stained glass!

The Jedi Master Craftsman transforms many familiar characters into the coolest lamps.

Instagram | @woodland_porpoise_workshop

He's created this colorful and incredibly detailed R2-D2, the Imperial Shuttle, a Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighters, AT-AT and AT-ST walkers, and even Boba Fett.

He uses the main body of the characters to illuminate light through beautiful multicolored stain glass.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he is selling them, but we can definitely appreciate his incredibly detailed craftsmanship!

Which design is your favorite? Let us know!

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