Couples Are Sharing Their Creative Date Night Ideas During Quarantine

Having a date night during this quarantine time can be quite a challenge for couples. Being stuck together 24/7 can test any relationship.

So it's important to remember that romance doesn't need expensive dinners or elaborate ideas when you've got creativity by your side. For these couples, it looks like their romance is alive and well even during these challenging times. They should be an example to all of us.

1. This Rooftop Taco Bell Night

You can always count on Taco Bell to put you in that festive mood even when in quarantine. The rooftop is a nice touch.

2. This Date In The Van Surprise

Imagine if your hubs or the wifey surprised you with a cute and sweet date in the van like this? Oh, wow!

3. This Backyard Picnic Date

If you're lucky to have a backyard, why not set up a little picnic so you can get out of the house and enjoy nature?

4. This Zoom Cooking Class

This couple did an online couples cooking class that was run through Zoom, where they picked up ingredients curbside. Isn't that so fantastic?

5. This TV Show-Inspired Date

Who else is a fan of Chopped? OMG, I'm obsessed with this show. So I can definitely appreciate this boyfriend's awesome and creative idea.

6. This Parents Date Night Prepared By Their Kids

This couple's kids actually set up their indoor date night and I gotta say, that's the sweetest thing ever. They must be proud.

7. This Adult Indoor Fort Idea


Who says forts are only for kids? You can very well build one for the two of you to enjoy some quiet time.

8. This Hibachi Dinner

Husbands, listen up. Get a load of this creative man here. He had to make sure their anniversary was just as special in quarantine. I'm impressed.

9. This Couples Painting Exercise

Couples who paint together stay together. At least that's what seems to be the case with this creative duo. I gotta say, this looks fun.

10. This Mini Golf Idea

Wowza, this guy came up with a genius idea to make a "Garden Crazy Golf" mini-course for his partner to enjoy with him.

11. This Romantic Dinner For Two

Who says you can't have romance at home? When you make dinner together and then eat it under candlelight it's all good.

12. This Dinner On The Porch Idea

And check out this sweet couple who set up the perfect little bistro right on their porch with romantic lighting and all.

13. This Indoor Movie Date Idea

If you can't go to the movies, why not just bring the movies to your own home? This couple did and it was amazing.

Who says romance is dead in quarantine?

These couples are showing us all that it doesn't matter where you are as long as you're there together. Ahh, so sweet.

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